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Facts on Bulgaria

Facts on Bulgaria - When considering planning a holiday why not try a little closer to Greece and take a vacation on the neighbouring country of Bulgaria? What with the current financial crisis that has hit the globe; everyone is looking for a cheap break away without breaking the bank or thrashing their credit cards. Bulgaria offers ski, sun, sea, sand city and mountains all at a reasonable cost! Here we give you the low down on holiday facts on Bulgaria.

Whether you want to observe some historical monuments, relax on a beach, explore a cosmopolitan city or take a vacation away on the mountains then head to Bulgaria, as it has it all plus more! Even if you're not interested in going anywhere this summer, it may be worth remembering that Bulgaria also have some great ski slopes and offers affordable skiing holidays to all. Bulgaria remains one of the cheapest places to holiday in Europe and offers more than you bargained for!

Holiday Facts on Bulgaria


Bansko is one of the country's most popular resorts for skiing and winter activities. This scenic area of Bulgaria is a well known ski resort in Bulgaria, famous with the local and foreign tourists. The day time can be spent skiing, snowboarding and any other activity that takes your fancy, followed by an evening of enjoying Bulgaria's lively traditional bars and restaurants. During the winter time in Bulgaria, the atmosphere is full of the pleasant smell coming from the chimneys of the wood burning fires that belong to most Bulgarian homes.

City Life

Cosmopolitan café's, glamorous shopping malls, social entertainment and places of interest can all be found in most Bulgarian cities. The four main cities of Bulgaria are Sofia (the capital), Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas, all of which are great cities to explore. Eat, drink and live like the locals and you will have a great city break. Here, you can sit in the most modern café's and bars and really enjoy yourself on a budget.

A Rural Rest

Getting away from it all and spending your hard earned break in a quiet rural area can be a tempting thought, so why not choose Bulgaria to relax and recuperate if you want a little bit of relaxation and fresh air. There are many beautiful mountain ranges scattered all over Bulgaria, so you really can have the pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing an area. Bulgaria boasts a lot of open space and scenery all over the country, so finding an area will not be hard. Peace and quiet is never too hard to find in Bulgaria, as even if you were to spend time in the country's capital - Sofia, you are only approximately 30 minutes away from the mountains and countryside.

Sun, Sea and Sand

The Bulgarian coast line is very popular with tourists from all over Europe and is packed out with tourists each year between the months of April and September. The coast line has a mixture of quiet and busy resorts, so there is a place to suit everyone. Many holiday companies choose to promote the summer months of July and August however, most tourists do not know that they could have an equally enjoyable and quieter holiday in April, May, June and September.