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Sightseeing in Sunny Cyprus

Cyprus is a great destination to visit, especially if you want to take a trip in to Cyprus from Greece. Cyprus is split in to two halves, Northern Cyprus is the Turkish part of Cyprus, where as the Southern part of Cyprus is Greek Cyprus. From Greece, there are often ferry crossings in to Southern Cyprus, where you can stay for a day or over night, giving you plenty of time to savour the scenery and beauty of the country. The three most commonly spoken languages in Cyprus are Turkish, Greek and English.


Where to go?

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus. You will not find yourself bored in this lively city, Nicosia is a very lively, bustling city and is often busy with the numerous tourists that come to stay. On the Nicosia - Limassol road, you will find the Stavrovouni Monastery set in the hills, and next to it is the Crusada-era Chapelle Royal. Both are set on a hill top and boast magnificent scenery. But of you don't fancy venturing far from Nicosia, then not to worry, as there is plenty to keep you entertained all day. There are a range of shops to spend your euros in and many cafe's and bars to sit and relax in.

If you have came by aeroplan to Cyprus, then take a trip to the nearby mosque called Hala Sultan Tekkesi, which is situated near to the Larnake salt lake, which dries up in the summer, but is a winter home to flamingoes who migrate to Cyprus for the warmer weather through the winter months.

Larnaka, one of Cyprus's major towns, is home to many glorious sandy beaches. In Larnaka bay, you will find one of the best beaches, that has calm, soothing water and a idyllic beach with many surrounding hotels.

South of Famagusta, you will discover many resorts suitable for families, as they are an ideal location for children. There are many beaches in the area and has a very child friendly atmosphere. Areas such as this one, Fig Tree bay and Flamingo bay are an ideal spot if you're looking for a place suitable for families.

Agia Napia on the other hand, is quickly gaining a reputation for being a lively party scene, due to the loud bars and disco's that are there. However, it isn't just an area for young, party animals. Agia Napia is well known for its 16th Century monastery and has also a popular resort with families too. There is much to do here, which is why it attracts so many people of all age groups. There are activities available such as water sports, scuba-diving, boat trips and rock climbing, as well as numerous bars, cafe's, restaurants and disco's where you can sit and relax.


From January 1st 2008, Cyprus has used the Euro, which is now their official currency. Before however, they had two different currencies for Northern and Southern Cyprus. Before 2008, Northern Cyprus used the Turkish Lira and Southern Cyprus used the Cyprus Pound as their official currency. These days, some tourists take a misxture of Euros, Cyprus Pound and Turkish Lira to Cyprus, because all three were still accepted. However, this is gradually beginning to fade out and so it is recommended to take only Euros to Cyprus.