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Brilliant Burgas

It is no lie that Greece is packed full of interesting museums, monuments, beaches, towns and the list goes on. But if you fancy a wander over the border, take a look at Burgas, one of Bulgaria's best coastal resorts. Burgas is the perfect compromise for anyone in search of a cultural town with tourist attractions.

Unlike other coastal resorts in Bulgaria, Burgas attracts both Bulgarian and other nationalities. There are approximately 208, 230 permenent residents of Burgas, some of which are from other countries. Burgas has some wonderful places to explore, such as the port which is the most important in Bulgaria. There are also shops and international fast-food restaurants, beaches, lakes and the Black sea to enjoy.


Although it isn't incredibly close to Greece, Burgas is only 390km from Sofia, the capital city and 270km from Plovdiv. So if you plan to stay in Bulgaria for a few days or more, why not go shopping in Sofia, see the mountains and town of Plovdiv and on to Burgas for the beach!

Prices in Burgas are still relatively cheap for a coastal resort, although they differ greatly from the rest of Bulgaria. Being the second largest city on the Bulgarian coast, Burgas can get rather busy during the summer months, but is normally quieter in May, June and September.