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Magnificent Marmaris on the Turkish Coast

Marmaris is located on the Turkish Aegean coast and has become a popular tourist resort over the last thirty years.It is renowned for its popular sandy beaches, vibrant entertainment and great retail facilities. This is a resort that appeals to young people as well as families. There are plenty of beach side activities to keep the children happy as well as plenty of places to explore just a short boat ride away. Best of all for kids, there are two water parks in the area!

Getting There

There are regular ferries and catamarans from Rhodes to Marmaris and the journey time is around one to two hours depending on the mode of transport. The cost is around 52 Euros for a day return ticket. Once in the town, you can get about by dolmus – they will stop for you at the side of the road if you stick your hand out providing they have room on board. There are main bus links with the surrounding areas and local points in the town as well as many taxis.

A Dip Back in Time

Civilisation in Marmaris dates back to the 6th century BC, when the town was called Physkos. It was invaded by Alexander the Great and the local people who realised that they were about to be overrun, burnt all of their valuables in the grounds of the castle then fled to the surrounding hills and left the area deserted. When the Ottoman Empire ruled two thousand years later, the castle at Marmaris was rebuilt and was used as a base in the attacks against the Knights of St John who resisted Ottoman invasion and kept the Greek Island of Rhodes free from the Turks.

Entertainment by Day

The 16th century Marmaris castle was originally constructed under the orders of Suleyman the Magnificent has experienced much renovation and has been converted into a museum housing seven arcades; the biggest is used for exhibitions. The castle grounds are planted with beautiful flowers, which add to the delightful location and renovation work.Another 16th century Ottoman building is the one built on the orders of Ayse Hafsa Sultan, Süleyman's mother. It is an old inn known as a caravanserai and it is located in the bazaar.

There are some fantastic boat and ferry trips from Marmaris port some aboard yachts, which take you on a scenic cruise around the bay to the neighbouring coastal towns like Icmeler and Turunc or over to the turquoise inlets, and along the mountainous water's edge where you can still see the remains of ancient cities. One of the best sights is the cave, which can only be accessed from the sea. Such cruises take the whole day with drinks and food on board and cost as little as 25 YTL. The ferries run over to the Greek Islands of Rhodes and take 45 minutes, the island is steeped in history and also has some wonderful beaches and is well worth the trip.

There are two fabulous water parks in Marmaris and of course some magnificent beaches. The yacht harbour attracts some fantastic yachts and is surrounded by designer boutiques and chic restaurants. A stroll along the promenade here makes you realize that Marmaris is far more than a package holiday resort.

Other areas of entertainment are the numerous jeep safaris, which take you out into the mountainous countryside to small quaint rural villages and refreshing waterfalls.

If relaxation and rejuvenation are what you seek then a trip to one of the Turkish baths known as Hammams are well worth the effort. You can get a sauna, a variety of massages or a body peel.

Entertainment by Night

There is plenty to do in Marmaris in the evening with lots of busy bars and restaurants, plenty of designer fake bargains and places specialising in authentic Turkish nights out with real Turkish food, belly dancing and live Turkish music. Marmaris is renowned across the Riviera for its vibrant nightlife and the town also has a street devoted to dance music and the club scene. Most are open until 4 am and some have foam parties. There is also an open air club. Opposite this street in the old town is one known as ‘Bar Street,’ where the busiest bars are located – there are over a hundred to choose from.

The local bazaar is also open late and most people leave it until the evening to shop here. Turkish bazaars are literally filled with anything and everything from fresh fruit and spices to ironware, clothes and souvenirs. Don’t forget to haggle for what you want – the Turks expect this! If you are looking for a cost effective restaurant option, the further you veer from the harbour the better. Don’t be offended by the people who try to show you their menu at every opportunity, this is just their way and by law they are not allowed to over-hassle – the local known as the Zabita videotape the owners and their staff in action and anyone deemed to harass tourists is closed down.

As far as accommodation is concerned there are some great hotels in the town centre. Quieter hotels can be found in the Armutalan area at the end of the resort. In this area it is forbidden to play music after midnight.

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