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All about Bodrum - Turkey

beautiful bodrumAll about Bodrum - Bodrum is known as the ‘St Tropez’ of Turkey, Bodrum on the Aegean coast is an area of astounding natural beauty combining famous landmarks like Bodrum Castle and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. It is one of Turkey’s key tourist centres attracting both wealthy Turks and international tourists. Its position on the Bodrum Peninsula means that it is surrounded by many smaller coastal towns and villages. Bodrum simply buzzes with a thriving entertainment scene, which includes many restaurants, shops, nightlife and a superb yacht marina. However it can still offer those in search of peasce and quiet seclusion and tranquility with its isolated bays, natural wildlife reserves and fertile valleys.

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A Vacation in Varna

Varna cathedralVarna, the summer capital of Bulgaria, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city bursting with life. Bulgarian Royalty endorsed this notion by choosing the city for their summer residence. The Independent newspaper dubbed Varna "Europes new funky town, the good time capital of Bulgaria." It enjoys a nationwide reputation for its rock and hip-hop artists and related events such as the July Morning rock festival.

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Brilliant Burgas

Burgas It is no lie that Greece is packed full of interesting museums, monuments, beaches, towns and the list goes on. But if you fancy a wander over the border, take a look at Burgas, one of Bulgaria's best coastal resorts. Burgas is the perfect compromise for anyone in search of a cultural town with tourist attractions.

Unlike other coastal resorts in Bulgaria, Burgas attracts both Bulgarian and other nationalities. There are approximately 208, 230 permenent residents of Burgas, some of which are from other countries. Burgas has some wonderful places to explore, such as the port which is the most important in Bulgaria. There are also shops and international fast-food restaurants, beaches, lakes and the Black sea to enjoy.

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Facts on Bulgaria

burgas Facts on Bulgaria - When considering planning a holiday why not try a little closer to Greece and take a vacation on the neighbouring country of Bulgaria? What with the current financial crisis that has hit the globe; everyone is looking for a cheap break away without breaking the bank or thrashing their credit cards. Bulgaria offers ski, sun, sea, sand city and mountains all at a reasonable cost! Here we give you the low down on holiday facts on Bulgaria.

Whether you want to observe some historical monuments, relax on a beach, explore a cosmopolitan city or take a vacation away on the mountains then head to Bulgaria, as it has it all plus more! Even if you're not interested in going anywhere this summer, it may be worth remembering that Bulgaria also have some great ski slopes and offers affordable skiing holidays to all. Bulgaria remains one of the cheapest places to holiday in Europe and offers more than you bargained for!

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Magnificent Marmaris on the Turkish Coast

great beachesMarmaris is located on the Turkish Aegean coast and has become a popular tourist resort over the last thirty years.It is renowned for its popular sandy beaches, vibrant entertainment and great retail facilities. This is a resort that appeals to young people as well as families. There are plenty of beach side activities to keep the children happy as well as plenty of places to explore just a short boat ride away. Best of all for kids, there are two water parks in the area!

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A Second Home in Beautiful Bulgaria

euEver thought of buying a property over the border of Greece? Bulgaria is a country that neighbors Greece and is still one of the cheapest places in Europe to buy in. There are many luxury properties that can be found in Bulgaria for fewer than 50, 000 Euros, which is why it is a great place for anyone wanting to invest.

If you already reside in Greece, you may want to buy a

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Sofia, Bulgaria Tourism

the national theatre in sofia bulgariaSofia, Bulgaria Tourism - Not so long ago, it wouldn't have been possible to write about a short break in Sofia. Bulgaria was a little known destination and the capital city rarely visited. However, times have changed and the number of visitors to Sofia is ever increasing as the country emerges from its communist past.

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Sightseeing in Sunny Cyprus

ruins in cyprusCyprus is a great destination to visit, especially if you want to take a trip in to Cyprus from Greece. Cyprus is split in to two halves, Northern Cyprus is the Turkish part of Cyprus, where as the Southern part of Cyprus is Greek Cyprus. From Greece, there are often ferry crossings in to Southern Cyprus, where you can stay for a day or over night, giving you plenty of time to savour the scenery and beauty of the country. The three most commonly spoken languages in Cyprus are Turkish, Greek and English.


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