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Greek Islands With Hidden Beauties

Looking for a Greek island to visit, apart from the usual suspects and a place of tranquillity, not crowded by visitors? A list compiled by an international news site features 10 European islands that are not so well known but definitely worth a visit.

The choices with Greek islands are endless, you can have a range of experiences, from cosmopolitan Mykonos to romance-driven Santorini, or the unexplored Skyros. Away from mass crowds, and with numerous activities to do, unless of course you wish to lie on the beautiful strips of sandy beach surrounding the islands, drinking cocktails until dusk!


First suggestion is Aegina, which can be easily and swiftly accessed from the capital Athens. You can combine a visit to the new Akropolis’ museum in Athens, the picturesque streets of Monastiraki and Thiseio, and the neighbourhood with mouthwatering food Psyrri, just before heading to the island of Aegina, in the Saronic Gulf.

Aegina has a long history and is also referenced in Greek mythology, deriving its name from the daughter of the river god Asopus and the nymphe Metope.

The reporter Eleanor Ross referring to Aegina ‘You come here for seafood and you stay thanks to the tranquillity.’ You won’t be disappointed by the plenty and quality seafood restaurants, which might make you come back to the island. Aegina is great for long walks in narrow streets, amongst church ruins, landmark temples like the temple of Aphaea and Zeus Hellanios, its plenty wildflower valleys and steep hills.


Another island, which might not be known by tourists but locals appreciate and recommend its hidden treasures is Samothrace in the northern Aegean sea. The island is made up of unspoilt natural beauties, filled with numerous ancient monuments which can give a clear picture of the rich history of Greece.

Some of its historical landmarks include the sanctuary of the Greek gods, the 2,5 meters high marble statue of Nike, known as the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Lots of hiking routes, scenic paths until you reach waterfalls and stranded beaches, are only some of the benefits that this island has to offer. What’s more the island is home to some of the best natural springs.

10 Most beautiful and rather obscure islands of Europe

The complete list with the 10 most beautiful and rather obscure islands of Europe can be found below:

1. Lyngør islands, Norway

2. Mljet, Croatia

3. Aegina, Greece

4. Fehmarn, Germany

5. Inis Oírr, Ireland

6. Belle-Île en Mer, France

7. Cíes islands, Spain

8. Hiiumaa, Estonia

9. Samothrace, Greece

10. Margaret island, Hungary