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The Island of Mallorca - A Paradise on Earth

Have you ever portrayed a never-never-land to vacation your summer or maybe winter? You may have fantasized sitting idle on a beach for hours with your girl/boyfriend gossiping all day long, warming up your body in luminous sunlight, having palatable Candlelight dinners at dusky coastlines or being served with grapy wines at some classic bar. All these pipe dreams come true in an island The Island of Mallorca.

Vernacular name for the island is Mallorca (though it’s called Majorca by some people) and here is its guide.

Mallorca, one of the largest islands among Balearic Islands of Spain, has an area of more than 3600 kilometer square with the highest point situated in Serra de Tramontane. This island is literally a dreamland to spend some happy days of your vacation.

Blessed with a number of archaic architecture of Stone Age, the island is captivating bunches of history lovers around the world. A lot of museums, tabernacles built by Zantine Empire and traces of Talaiotic Culture will doubtlessly put a magic spell on you.

A number of silk-stocking European families have their luxurious castles in Mallorca. Their kingly lifestyles will definitely enchant you. After having an idea of so many castles and royal apartments in the island, I bet you are thinking of thousands of exclusive hotels, restaurants with aristocratic cuisines and public houses in Mallorca. You are thinking absolutely right way as one can easily find and relish these regal facilities in the island. The same goes true for villas as a splendid house in the city with a yard and garden can be rented without any difficulty. Besides these, countless bewitching fincas in the boondocks is another fortuitous option for you.

Gigantic two-dimensional plains of Es Pla and fascinating virgin seashores in the southern areas of Mallorca are ideal places for those who don’t come here with the intentions of partying all-night long on sandy coastlands among throngs of visitors. Among more than 200 of magnetic beaches, you can never get embarrassed while finding one of your choice and taste.

If you have keen interest in sailing with the Mediterranean tides, numerous princely yachts await you in The Island of Mallorca. You can relish for hours voyaging around the Mediterranean waters.

Cycling may also be a well-alluring thing for the visitors as the island has a lot of routes for the amateur as well as the professional cyclists among the lush green mountains. Hiking around the Alps of Mallorca will definitely be far more than a joyous experience for an adventurer.

Palma, the capital of Mallorca, is undoubtedly a very delightful spot for those who want an urban atmosphere for them. Palma, which was initially founded as a Roman camp Palmaria, is blessed with one of the busiest airports in Spain. Palma de Mallorca Airport receives millions of passengers each year from around the globe. Most of them are from the European countries such as Germany, United Kingdom and France etc.

The climate of Mallorca ranges from mild and ferocious winters to hot, radiant summers. July and August are the two months with up to 12 hours of sunshine on an average day. You can enjoy with your family in a number of well-groomed and well-developed water parks and joy lands on some bright summer day. Serra de Tramontane is the only part of the island where short term snowy episodes can occasionally be observed in winters.


The official languages of Mallorca are Spanish and Catalan, the later having a bit older history. The word Mallorca has its roots in Catalan.

Near the Eastern town Porto Cristo, there are two caves above sea level both having underground lakes in them. They are open for the tourists from all walks of life.

Only Irish and British use the word “Majorca” rather than “Mallorca”. The former is originated from the Latin ‘Insula Major’ meaning larger island whereas the latter is the local name for the island. Another island named ‘Minorca’, one of the Balearic Islands of Spain, got its origin from ‘Insula Minor’ meaning smaller island. On internet, if you search “Mallorca”, the search results show the word “Majorca” for it. As general terms, major means bigger and minor means smaller. After the official use of Catalan in the island, the name ‘Majorca’ is no longer used rather it has been replaced with its Catalan version ‘Mallorca’.

In short, The Island of Mallorca has its own charm and attraction for all the tourists around the globe. It always welcomes its visitors with a number of residing facilities, medieval settlements and its ever-growing development day by day. Once you have landed the island, probably it becomes something equal to impossible for a visitor to plan for his homeland. It will be no exaggeration to say that Mallorca is a paradise on Earth.

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