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Ultimate Guide: The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are one of the most interesting locations of the world. The history behind the Greek Islands is a great part of what makes it so fascinating.

This happens to be the location of the two earliest civilizations of Europe. Through the violent earthquakes and the enormous lava spewing volcanoes of thousands of years past, the people of Greece just kept on struggling forth and making a grand site of awe and intrigue.

If you have ever wanted to travel to a destination that was a little different yet energetic with the life of historic proportion then this just may be what you've been waiting for. Today, the Greek Islands are an attractive place to enjoy beaches, culture, historical sites, extraordinary arts, music and food.

The GreekIslands: Islands and Activities
I would like to start this segment by shaping your view of a handful of destinations in the Greek Islands that are wondrous and full of excitement and inspiration. True, many are well known and tourists come, in part, to see the wonders of these islands if only to be captures even for a moment in memory. Nonetheless, I want to define these areas of interest and perhaps you will want to see them all first hand.

The Parthenon in Athens has to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in all of the Greek Islands. The historic value of this structure is immeasurable. It has been viewed as one of the most revered places in Greece. For more structural genius and awe inspiring buildings you should definitely check out Odeon of Herodes Atticus. This place is filled with many beautiful arches and a design that speaks volumes about the Greek Islands and the people that lived there so long ago.

Stoa of Attalos in Athens has one of the most intricate displays of sculptures and wall carvings in this territory. It also houses one of the best museums as well. This location is key if you are interested in the ancient civilizations and their great building techniques. But this is not the only museum worthy of your time. There are superb learning facilities in Athens that can peak your interest such as: Benaki Museum, The National Art Gallery, and Goulandris Museum of Cycladic & Ancient Greek Art.

Both Hydra and Paleohora Aegina have unique buildings located in the hillsides that can be seen from the harbors and by boat out on the calm sea. Unlike Paleohora Aegina, the structures of Hydra are still in livable condition. This reminds me much of Italy in the terms of such beauty that is best seen from the water.

Santorini has quite a few of its own interesting places to visit but the best I've seen is the volcanic cliffs. In the midst of sunsets it has a red tint that is amazing and gives the site an eerie reminder of its dangerous potential. All of the construction that has been built over many centuries at the base of these cliffs is wonderfully crafted and breathtaking.

If the popular places are more of what you want to visit when staying in the Greek Islands then I suggest the waterfront at night in Rethymno Crete. The illumination is grand and lights the water and outside dining area nicely. For a more relaxed yet popular dining experience the waterfront in Hora Naxos is quaint and the charming d├ęcor mixed with the glistening surrounding of the ocean's vastness is warm and inviting.

For a more of an outdoor experience in the Greek Islands that I have to say that there are some absolutely jaw dropping areas of intense proportion. By going out on a boat ride you can visit all of the remote islands and beaches. Asklipieion in Rhodes has a view unlike any other, it is truly a memorable experience to be able to see that much land and beauty at the same time. But if you are not into heights and would rather look up then down, Petaloudes (in Rhodes) has waterfalls that can calm the soul with its magnificence.

From the castle ruins left over from an age long since passed, the brilliance and radiance of the Cathedral, the houses and shops that seem to stack on top of each other while balancing in a curious way atop the hillsides and the alluring caves on the lush, fertile lands that makes up the Greek Islands, you can see it all and have a wonderful time doing it.

The GreekIslands: Excellent Places to Stay
Budget- These buildings are very inexpensive to stay yet possess a certain charm. They also have a few perks for those that would like to save some money.

Hotel Adonis, located in Athens is a well run hotel with neat and tidy rooms. You can experience while staying in this hotel great views from the 4th floor and the rooftop bar.
Hotel Kempi, is a family-friendly spotless hotel located in Athens. The rooms include satellite TV, and a communal kitchen with basic facilities to make snacks and drinks.
Hotel Philippi, located in Hora has a beautiful garden atmosphere and is a very delightful hotel with clean and neat rooms.
Midrange- For those of you traveling to the Greek Islands and can afford to spend a little more, these businesses are well located for this vacation.
Central Hotel, Athens-This hotel is decorated in a stylish, modern style with the basic amenities. As a bonus they have roof patio with a Jacuzzi and sun lounge area.
Hotel Lefteris, located in Hora, is in fact is an international meeting place that has friendly service, casual rooms and has an excellent rooftop terrace where you can relax and enjoy the views.
Atrion- located in Irakilo, are furnished with TVs, hair dryers, phones, and interent services.
Luxury-These are some of the best and most expensive, but well worth the money, places to stay in the Greek Islands.
St George Lycabettus Hotel- is located atop Lykavittos Hill in Athens as well. It opened a luxury spa in 2005 and has a rooftop pool so you can enjoy the sights. Also, many of the rooms provide excellent views.
Hotel Belvedere located in Hora as well, has a sushi bar, mainstream restaurant, massage therapy, a fitness studio, a Jacuzzi, as well as a cinema. Their rooms are clean and stylish.
Lato Hotel is located in Irakilo and looks over the old and new harbors of this land. They have spacious suites and breath-taking views.

The Greek Islands: In Closing
This is one of the best places on earth to see so many aspects to the beauty and history of cultures other than our own. If you ever dream of spending time in far away lands that can mesmerize and capture your heart while teaching you something important about civilizations that you never knew before than I recommend the Greek Islands. So much beauty and wide open spaces make the secluded areas even more breathtaking then you could imagine.