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Ferry from Mykonos to Santorini

A ferry from Mykonos to Santorini enables you the freedom to enjoy the sights of two of the most famous Greek Islands. Island hopping around the Greek islands has long been a popular way for toruists to get to see these beautiful places. Each of the Greek Islands has their own unique  individualities and attractions, and a ferry from Mykonos to Santorin is a great way to spend time enjoying the contrast of the two.

A brief look at Mykonos

Mykonos is a small island located among other smaller islands in the Cyclades near to the capital island of the Cyclades Syros, as well as Naxos and Paros. Mykonos has long been a popular island to visit for a few days, and experience its lively atmosphere that draws thousands of visitors every year. Mykonos is a stylish, vibrant and chic Greek Island and often referred to the as the party island. It is an excellent choice for those seeking fun and energetic nightlife in the form of bars, dancing and clubbing. Mykonos is also a well known for its gay community .Originally a simple fisherman's village Mykonos is now a sophisticated and perfect location for a summer vacation with plenty going on including fashionable clubs to enjoy. The island also boasts stunning sandy beaches and clear blue seas to enjoy the beautiful Greek sunshine. Although, many of the beaches are lively it is still possible to find quieter places to relax and enjoy. The town of Mykonos has small alleys to discover with a good choice of shops, bars and restaurants to visit, as well as a selection of accommodation to suit all travelers budgets. The island of Mykonos is a short ferry ride of about 2 hours and 35 minutes from Santorini, another popular Greek island and a top Greek destination to visit.

and Santorini

Santorini is a volcanic Greek island and part of the Cyclades group, nestled between Ios and Anafi islands. The island is famous for its stunning scenery, natural landscape and views. The island has long been a popular holiday destination and attracts thousands of visitors every summer. There are spectacular beaches on Santorini to enjoy, including Perissa and the black pebble beach of Kamari, red beach and white beach. The towns and villages are nestled on the cliffs of Santorini and wonderful places to explore. There is some fantastic architecture to discover and unique views of the volcano, and one event not to miss is the stunning sunset from the cliffs. Santorini has plenty of accommodation to suit all types of travelers. You can spend time browsing around the numerous shops and enjoy traditional Greek cuisine in local tavernas, bars and restaurants. The landscape and natural surroundings is the prominent feature of Santorini and it is a wonderful destination to visit.


If you are considering a ferry from Mykonos to Santorini, there are a few points to consider first. Check when the season begins, and if you are visiting during July and August you may need to book tickets in advance as they get very busy. Sometimes there are changes to the timetable and break downs can happen so be prepared!

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