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Car Hire Kefalonia

Having a land area of only 759 km2 you would assume that for car hire, Kefalonia would have a limited supply. In fact this beautiful island has an abundance of motors to suit most requirements.

Before choosing which hire company to use, make sure you do a bit of homework prior to handing over your hard earned cash. It’s not always advisable to use a local back street business if they are not registered by a body that ensures a reputable and professional service such as BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association).

If your visit to Kefalonia was booked as a package holiday then most tour operators will offer car hire at an extra cost. This is the best way because if the operator is ABTA registered then your hire car contract will be protected in the same way as your holiday is. This provides you with complete peace of mind and will also save you the precious time looking for the best vehicle when you arrive on the island.

You have the choice of pre-booking your hire vehicle before arriving at your resort even if you’re not travelling on a package holiday. To do this you would be advised to select one of the well known established car rental companies.

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Whichever company you choose, it’s always a good idea to pay for the service using your credit card. This will help prevent any financial disappointment due to the fact that your credit card company by law is jointly responsible if you run into any problems associated with the whole duration of the hire period. This is set out as section 75 of the consumer credit act which states that you are fully protected under the terms that your car hire cost a minimum of GBP 100 and not in excess of GBP 30,000.

If you want to drive from the moment you get off the plane then to collect your car hire, Kefalonia airport has all the major rental company offices within its grounds, making it simple to start exploring the island sooner.

The Vehicle Checklist

Before you even get in the car or hand over any money, read the contract thoroughly and make sure that you are in full agreement with its terms and conditions. If you don’t understand any part of the agreement then do not sign it until you do.

Look at the vehicle insurance excess and have it altered if you’re not satisfied. Most insurance companies are quite flexible and they offer various excess choices. Fuel usage is another important part of the contract which you should understand. Some companies will offer you the choice of supplying the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and they will add the cost of this to your bill. Taking this option can work out slightly cheaper and more convenient.  You can return the car empty of fuel with this option.

The other way is to collect the car almost empty of fuel usually with its having just enough to get you to the nearest petrol station.

Most companies will have a mileage allowance contained in the policy; however vehicle hire on small islands is not normally an issue.Before driving the vehicle always take a good inspection of it, inside and out.

Look for damage of any sort and the condition and/or presence of a spare tyre.
If you are happy with the car then you can now sign the contract policy and drive way. The roads in Kefalonia are varied between reasonably good to poor in some areas, and it’s worth considering this when choosing your car hire in Kefalonia. There are quite a few hairpin bends high up in the hills where you will spot many mountain goats grazing.

All in all if you opt for car hire, Kefalonia will provide you with some of the most breathtaking panoramic scenery of both mountainous and coastal.