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Busabout Greek Islands

Busabout is a great way to get to get to see the astonishing Greek Islands inexpensively and independently.

The service allows you and to discover the sights of these spectacular locations, and have fun doing so. Busabout today is a combination of companies who have merged because of the same interest in a dedication for travel. The company's intention is to help maximise your experience in travel but whilst still ensuring you get value for money. They have a passion for travelling the world and exploring new destinations without costing a fortune. They offer a selection of services and commitment to the independent traveller with a distinctive and flexible hop on- hop off coach system.

Busabout was founded from a collective number of companies with the same passion and offering the same type of travel services. They include Haggis Adventures who initiated the budget backpacker style trip in 1993 with prize winning trips throughout Cornwall, Scotland and Wales along with their dedicated local guides. Busabout founded in 1998 was Europe's own flexible independent travel expert doing the same and all aiming to provide travellers with a good service and ensuring a good time. Shamrocker Adventures in 1999 another operating a similar style of vacation through Ireland and in the same way with passionate Irish guides. Finally merging in 2003 Busabout adventures was initiated and spread their wings to Europe and North Africa.

The excursions are for those wanting to explore independently and experience a country's culture and people. Busabout makes certain that a travellers budget goes as far as is possible to obtain these travel experiences. They provide advice, details and information on how to make the best out of you money and time. Whether you are a group of any size, or on your own they can take care of everything from bookings, accommodation, travel meals, tolls and activities. The only thing you have to be concerned with is having a great time. They have a fleet of vehicles, professional back up and trained local guides to ensure the best trip ever. Busabout is great for those yearning to explore and get to know another country. Saving you time and money Busabout Greek Islands has a number of tours available so you can opt for what suits you best and allow you to see as much as you can.