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Crash Course Language Learning

What is the easiest and quickest way to learn a new language? As a language teacher and learner myself, I believe that being able to speak a language is far more important than being literate in the language - at least in the beginning.

Language learning is fun and easy if you learn the language the right way. Most language learning students are not so keen on sitting with a book, reading and writing continuously, whilst having little or no active practice in speaking the language. Breaking the ice and starting to learn a new language, such as Bulgarian is much easier if you can have a crash course which will put you on the right path to learning Bulgarian.



Best Online Translator already offers Bulgarian and English lessons via Skype. However, we are now offering a new method of teaching which will involve more speaking and listening. We guarantee that you will learn good conversation skills in either English or Bulgarian in just one month!

The syllabus
In our language learning syllabus, we cover the following topics: (in both our English and Bulgarian lessons)
-Introducing the alphabet and pronunciation
-Meeting and greeting people
-In the classroom
-At the shop
-Giving Directions

Although it may seem a lot to cover in just a month, Best Online Translator guarantee that you will gain sufficient knowledge of these topics during this period, due to our easy and effective method of teaching!

To gain the most out of our lesson, we have put together a specialised program for our students so that they can get the most for their money and their time.

How is the Course Conducted?
Our courses can either be done via Skype or in a classroom. Skype lessons will be done on a one-to-one basis, whereas lessons in the classroom can be done in small groups or individually. This Beginners Course is a 40 hour course which is completed within the duration of one month.

What Does the Course Involve?
The course requires 40 hours of study within the period of one month. The hours are flexible to suit the learner and their lifestyle. The course focuses more on speaking and listening rather than reading and writing. On beginning the course, the student will be given the required learning materials at the beginning of each module, so that they are able to revise and focus only on that particular module, rather than learning too much too quickly. New vocabulary is introduced gradually along with the grammar, which gives the student the ability to understand the structure, as well as forming their own, sentences.

Why Choose the Course?
Our Crash Course for Beginners is cheap and is made to suit the student

We guarantee that you will be able to speak good conversation Bulgarian at the end of the course

You will gain a good understanding of basic Bulgarian grammar

The method is based on the ‘Callan Method' which focuses on speaking and listening

This method is fun, easy and the student's progress is evident after every lesson

At the end of the course the student will receive a Best Online Translator certificate to say that they have completed the course

The best part? All of this can be done in just one month!!

Contact us for more details!
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.