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Things to Consider When Returning Home

After you have relocated abroad, you will soon realise that there are many points and events along the way that you had probably never have thought about. There are so many things that you would never know about until you actually move abroad and realise them for yourself. If you find yourself in a position where you are moving back home after living in Greece, you may find that it isn't as easy as you originally thought, especially if you don't have a fixed address to go back to and have connections in Greece still.
So, here is what they don't tell you about living abroad and going back home. The big question that many ask themselves is ‘would they have moved if they had been told this before hand?'


Financial difficulties
Money problems is one of the main reasons why so many people have to move back home, whether they want to or not. Often, many expats are forced to return home if they are unable to find permanent work or are suffering to survive on their current pension or income. Many expats who move abroad don't think about the reality of finding work but this can be a serious problem that is often ignored.

Feeling like you don't have a home
In some cases, expats living abroad do not feel as though they belong home or away. In other words, they are not swayed to going back to their home country but on the other hand, they are not completely happy with their life abroad. Feeling half and half, 50/50 etc. can be make you feel as though you no longer belong anywhere and sometimes, those who make a move never feel entirely happy with their decisions.

Accepting pets
In countries such as Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria as well as other surrounding European countries, you may find yourself looking after a number of cats and dogs. This is due to dog and cat owners giving you a kitten or a puppy as a present and then (whether you had planned to have a pet or not) you end up with at least a dog or cat or a few. This is great to start with, but don't forget how difficult it can be if you don't plan to stay abroad permanently or if you suddenly have to go back home for long periods of time. Finding a good home for your pets can be difficult and transporting them back home with you can also be difficult and expensive.