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Moving Your Pet to Greece

Moving Your Pet to Greece - For those of you who own pets, you will understand that a pet can become more than just an animal, and instead is considered as part of the family. Moving abroad and leaving your beloved pets at home can is a very unpleasant part of the moving process, but is sometimes the most convenient decision. However, if you decide to bring your pets with you to Greece, then to avoid any complications, you must ensure that you have all the correct documentation.

Depending on how you wish to travel to your destination, Moving Your Pet to Greece must meet the requirements of the airline, ferry company or any other kind of transport and ask about their policy on travelling with pets. These instructions on what is needed for you to be able to travel within

Europe with your pets, apply to those who wish to travel with ferrets, dogs or cats.

To import your pet in to Greece, you must ensure that your pet has a microchip, which is an electronic form of identification, which is usually injected in to the animals neck. The microchip will contain basic information of the animals owner, such as the name, phone number and possibly the address.

You must then visit your local vetinary surgery to get your pet vaccinated against rabies. Allow plenty of time to get the vaccination before you leave the country, because if your animal has only had the vaccination recently when you move, you may face problems with applying for a pet passport or leaving the country. Such complications can result in being forced to leave your animal behind or you will have to postpone your trip.

On leaving your home country, you must have a valid health certificate for your pet, which also certifies that moving your pet to Greece is for non-commerical purposes.

You must also ask your local vetinary surgeon about the process if you feel it is necessary and whilst completing the process to obtain this document, more commonly known as a pet passport, don't change the veterinary surgeon as this can confuse the situation.

If you are planning to go by aeroplane to Greece with your pet, contact the airline as soon as you can, to make sure that they allow pets onboard. Although your pet passport allows you to travel with your pet by plane, some airlines don't allow it. It is also worth checking with ferry companies too, although ferry companies usually allow pets.

And finally when moving your pet to Greece be patient, as it can be a stressful time for animals and it will also take time to adjust to the new life like yourself!