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Greek Islands With Hidden Beauties

Aegina Island, Greece PHOTO www.aeginagreece.comLooking for a Greek island to visit, apart from the usual suspects and a place of tranquillity, not crowded by visitors? A list compiled by an international news site features 10 European islands that are not so well known but definitely worth a visit.

The choices with Greek islands are endless, you can have a range of experiences, from cosmopolitan Mykonos to romance-driven Santorini, or the unexplored Skyros. Away from mass crowds, and with numerous activities to do, unless of course you wish to lie on the beautiful strips of sandy beach surrounding the islands, drinking cocktails until dusk!

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A Photographer’s Guide to Greece

photographers-guide-to-greece-questgreekislandsGreece is every photographer’s paradise. Everywhere you turn there are subjects worthy of a great shot. From landscapes, to people, to historical sites and sunsets, Greece is certain to keep you constantly on your toes in search of incredibly beautiful pictures. Below are some basic photography tips to help you take stunning shots during your stay in Greece.

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Car Hire Kefalonia

car hire kefaloniaHaving a land area of only 759 km2 you would assume that for car hire, Kefalonia would have a limited supply. In fact this beautiful island has an abundance of motors to suit most requirements.

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The Island of Mallorca - A Paradise on Earth

Have you ever portrayed a never-never-land to vacation your summer or maybe winter? You may have fantasized sitting idle on a beach for hours with your girl/boyfriend gossiping all day long, warming up your body in luminous sunlight, having palatable Candlelight dinners at dusky coastlines or being served with grapy wines at some classic bar. All these pipe dreams come true in an island The Island of Mallorca.

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Greek holidays and Reasons Why They are so Popular

greek holidays and why they are so popularMention the word Greece and to most people travel comes to mind, whether it is for the beautiful landscape, the history, culture or cuisine. The country has suffered financially in recent years with tough austerity measures, but is still on the other hand an attractive holiday destination and attracts high numbers of travellers.

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Ultimate Guide: The Greek Islands

fiskardoThe Greek Islands are one of the most interesting locations of the world. The history behind the Greek Islands is a great part of what makes it so fascinating.

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Busabout Greek Islands

busabout greek islandsBusabout is a great way to get to get to see the astonishing Greek Islands inexpensively and independently.

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Ferry from Mykonos to Santorini

ferry from mykonos to santoriniA ferry from Mykonos to Santorini enables you the freedom to enjoy the sights of two of the most famous Greek Islands. Island hopping around the Greek islands has long been a popular way for toruists to get to see these beautiful places. Each of the Greek Islands has their own unique  individualities and attractions, and a ferry from Mykonos to Santorin is a great way to spend time enjoying the contrast of the two.

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Services of a Removals Expert

removals expertIt is essential to hire a reliable removals expert when relocating to Greece, since it is a big move and you need to ensure your belongings get to their new destination safely. There are lots of reliable removals companies that provide varying services and packages to help assist in the moving of your belongings, and make it easier for you.

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