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Public Transport in Greece

Travelling by public transport in Greece enables you to get around Greece easily and see different parts of the country and its Islands. You may also need to travel around between towns for personal reasons and every day life, such as the weekly shop. Whatever your reason, travelling using the public transport in Greece is a cheap way to travel, and an easier way to travel during the rush hour - even if you already own a car!

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How to Drive Safely in the Snow

Driving in the winter time can be dangerous, as well as a frightening prospect, especially if there is ice or snow on the roads. As the season of winter arrives, so do the dark nights and bad weather and together they make driving conditions terrible for most of us. The added problems of ice and snow can make driving in winter simply unbarable. Unfortunately, we can't let the bad driving conditions that come with the winter, stop us from getting behind the wheel and getting to work or wherever, we have to carry on! Whether you can bare driving in the winter or not, we often have no choice but to continue as normal, so how can you make the best of a bad situation?

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Greek Islands All Year Round

greek islands a great all year destinationWhether you own a property on the Greek Islands and wish to explore, or are simply looking for a holiday away from the scorching heat of July and August, autumn and spring are a perfect time to get round the isles. Great weather where you can go out and about in a comfortable temperature without the seering sun - and without the masses, when you'll have the pretty winding streets and stunning views all to yourself.

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How Well Does Greek Life Suit You?

Life is what you make it, and this applies to living abroad too. If you want to enjoy your time living abroad and you want to integrate well with the locals and live life like the Greeks do, then there is no reason why you shouldn't succeed. If you already live in Greece, then why not check how many on the DO list applies to you! If you are planning on living in Greece in the future, then this is also a guide to settling in quickly and easily.

These are a list of the DO's for living in a foreign country. See how many of the DO's apply to you, the more the better. When you have finished, tally up all the DO's, if you do them, and see how well you have settled in to life in Greece!

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Drama not Tragedy!

Although the Greek Islands offer wonderful landscapes and crystal sparkling sea with plenty to do, there is any number of interesting places to visit on the Greek mainland. Drama, the backbone of the municipality of the same name, has much to offer the visitor, particularly in today's alternative tourism market, given its geographical beauty. Whilst it has a great summer climate, the town is keen to promote itself as an all year destination and has the benefit of experiencing a cold winter, allowing fast developing modern ski resorts at Mount Falakro.

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Greece, Home to the Stars

Greece has not only been a favourite film location for many Hollywood movies, it doesn't just have beautiful scenery and stunning beaches and an excellent Mediterranean diet, but has also the birth place of some famous celebrities. You'll be amazed at just how many of today's famous faces were born in Greece or have Greek blood in their families.



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Greek Islands Chic Getaways

Looking for a chic and stylish holiday? The Greek Islands provide a sophisticated and upmarket option. Everything from the most luxurious hotels, elegant surroundings, designer boutiques, high-end yachts and even the celebrity circuit. For many, their two week annual holiday is a real treat: time in the sun, sandy beaches, beautiful sea - and a touch of luxury. This year, why not go one step further and turn your holiday into a real experience with a small boutique hotel. If you want to feel as though you've just stepped into the pages of a glossy magazine, there is plenty of choice for boutique accommodation on the Greek Islands where the lure of the ambiance pulls in visitors from all over the world.

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Symi: the Town of 400 Steps

A recent press release on Officialwire this week from Tony Wells of Travel a la Carte, is all about the lesser-known Greek Island of Symi. If you have never visited, then it is worth doing so. The island has managed to avoid the mass tourism market, with none of the high rise giant hotels so prevalent in many European coastal areas. Symi is quite rocky with a rough jagged coastline and in sight of the coast of Turkey, with an absolutely stunning little harbour, Gialos.

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Thessaloniki: the Greek mainland

If you have bought a property, or live on one of the Greek Islands, why not make the most of it and take a short trip to the Greek mainland to visit one of Greece's very best cities - Thessaloniki  - the jewel of the north. Famous for its lively streets, vibrant night life and cultural sophistication, it is the perfect cosmopolitan destination for any visitor. A multitude of things to see and do, wonderful restaurants and a youthful spirit make this city an appealing place to visit.

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