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Christmas Shopping in Mall Athens

Christmas shopping in athensChristmas is approaching and you may be thinking about starting or finishing your Christmas shopping. So why not try visiting The Mall Athens, where you will find some great shops and a present for everyone! The Mall Athens is the first shopping centre of this kind to be built in Greece and is famous for being one of the largest in this area of Europe. The generously sized mall was opened to the public back in November 2005 and has since gained a huge amount of popularity with people in and around Greece.

In the mall you will find a wide range of shops suitable for everyone. There are children's stores, clothing, cosmetics and more. You will also find restaurants, café's, a cinema, child's play area and a babysitting

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What to Expect When Returning Home

Are you thinking of leaving your Greek home and returning to your home land? You may be excited about returning home and getting back to the familiar surroundings of your home land, but often returning home after spending time living abroad can be just as difficult as settling in to life abroad in the first place. It doesn't matter how excited or disappointed you are at the thought of returning home, you will experience

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NEW - Quest Translate and Proofreading

Are you having difficulty finding a translation or proof reading company who are reasonably priced and readily available? Well now, Quest Property and Lifestyle magazine are offering a new language and translation service at a low price. We have an expert team of translators who will proofread your work and are also offering English as a second language lessons via Skype. Our services are available to

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Best Online Translator

Our new featured advertiser Best Online Translator is a translation agency that also mainly deals with Bulgarian to English translations, as well as others. They deal with a range of different languages and offer great advertising deals for freelance translators who would like to advertise their own translations services. Best Online

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Driving Laws in Greece

Driving laws often vary in different countries and as you are aware of, it is vital to know the most important and basic laws on driving in the country. In Greece, the laws differ from those in other European countries and therefore should be noticed.

Firstly, and most obvious is that you need a driving license to drive a vehicle anywhere. In Greece the minimum age to obtain a driving license is 17. Rental firms will not lease cars under 21's, but the minimum driving age in Greece is 17. If planning to drive in Greece, make sure you either acquire a Greek license or one from your home country and ensure that it is valid in Greece.

Children under 10 are not legally allowed to sit in the front seat of the car, even as a passenger. Children under 10 years old must be seated in the back of the car. Any child between 3 and 11 years who is less

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Learning English Online

computerThinking about learning English as a second language? Well there has never been a better time! If time and money is stopping you from learning or improving your English, then have you considered learning English online? Best Online Translator offer low priced online learning so that you can learn English at a time and place that is convenient for you! If other lessons have not worked for you, then maybe this will! These online lessons mean that you will be working on a one-to-one basis with a qualified English teacher. As long as you have a computer, internet access and a passion to learn English - then that is all you will need!

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Dialling 112 for Emergency Services

If you found yourself in an unexepected scenario that required you to call the emergency services, what number would you dial? If you are a foreigner in Greece and needed to call the police, fire station or for an ambulance, did you know that you could call 112? The 112 number is the same as any local number that you can call in the case of an emergency, except that you have the choice to speak to someone who speaks fluent English, French and sometimes German, which is why it was put in place for foreign tourists and expats around

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Staying Safe In The Summer

Staying safe in the summer is just as important as wrapping up in the winter. Somehow, people seem to think that it is less important to protect themselves from the sun in summer however, they wouldn't dream of going outside in a vest in the winter! There really is no difference and you should treat the hot weather with

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Greece-Proven to be a Safe Place to Live

Apart from your financial situation, the next thing that you have to consider when moving abroad is the crime rate. Imagine finding that you have moved perhaps thousands of miles away from your home country to find that although the sun now shines all year round and you have breath taking views that are visible from every room of your stunning mansion, you fear leaving your home because you live in an area where there is a high crime rate.

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