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Activity Holidays on the Greek Islands

There are numerous fun activities that you can enjoy either as part of your holiday on the Greek Islands or as a new hobby to compliment your island life and the best thing about the many activities on offer is that you don’t need any experience to participate in most of them. We take a look at three fabulous island activities, which we are sure will enhance your time here.

Horse Riding

The ancient Greeks have always had an association with horses and riding; they were used in everyday life as to transport goods and in many of the Greek wars. Horse riding iis available on many of the Greek Islands and is a popular pursuit with many riding schools notably in Crete, Kefalonia, Skiathos, Naxos and Paros, which offer scenic rides and lessons to adults and children of all skill levels. Imagine galloping along the beach in Paros, or riding one of the forest trails in Crete. Some riding schools even offer dressage and show jumping in their own schools.  range of experiences and terrains, from beaches, forests and trails to dressage and showjumping. Riding in Paros is a dream because there is so much uninhabited space ideal for canters as well as some quiet beaches. In Crete you can enjoy the peace and tranquility as you ride through the scenic Dikti Mountains. In Naxos one of the stables offers moonlight rides and swims in the Med on horseback. In the height of summer riding is best undertaken during the early morning or evening and unless you live in the area, it is best to undertake these rides with an experienced guide.

Walking and Hiking

If the feeling of riding a four legged friend leaves you cold, then why not consider exploring some of the beautiful island landscapes on foot? There are literally thousands of hiking routes across the islands each with something different to offer. The best thing about this activity is that you can select a route to suite your stamina and travel at your own pace using a map to find your way. The smaller islands like Paxos and Kea are easy to get around and offer a variety of landscapes and terrains. Other islands like Skiathos, the biggest tourist magnet of the Sporades islands, has a wooded area away from the beaches, which plays host to many concealed valleys, mineral springs, chapels and monasteries. Skopelos is also an island with a rich woodland area housing its fair share of religious institutions including shrines and monasteries. Alonnisos is much less touristy and consists of many farming areas and a coastline backing onto a sea with Marine Park status. The Cyclades islands are the largest and best known group of islands; the best hiking is available on Naxos, Amorgos and Astipalaia. These islands are typified by protruding, grey rocks, rolling hills and fertile valleys arranged in terraces. The twelve islands of Dodecanese archipelago also offer some great walks and hikes, that offer dry hill land covered with thorn bushes, cacti, huge aloe and limestone crags. En route you will be sure to pass lone shepherds guarding their flock as well as some incredible Italian and Turkish architecture.


If it is adventure you crave then paragliding is well worth considering as long as you have a head for heights. Paragliding has grown in popularity in the islands over the last few years and there are now many clubs, which you can join if you live on the islands or visit if you are looking for a holiday pursuit. The best months to enjoy this pastime are those between April and October. You will need to take some lessons at home before you can go solo and you will also need to take some practice flights alongside an instructor. Otherwise you will have to opt for a tandem flight where you will be strapped to an instructor who controls the paraglider whilst you enjoy the aerial views. If you are an accomplished paraglider already expect to soar at altitudes of 1500 m. Your time up in the air will depend on the wind speed, but pilots have been known to travel as far as 25 km with a good southwesterly wind. Islands like Crete have good thermals and are naturally windy and taking advantage of this by paragliding above the island is a great way to appreciate the natural beauty it has to offer like the magnificent Lassithi and Heraklion Mountains. In Corfu the thermals around Mt Pantokratoras will often take you well above 1,000 m. giving you perfect views of this lovely island. The island of Lefikas Island around the village of Agios Nikitas offers a perfect launch site and year round paragliding and you can land on the beach. The island of Kefalonia offers a unique microclimate caused by the breeze from the sea affected from the sea breeze. You can launch on the island’s biggest mountain, Mount Ainos at around 1,450 m; some of the takeoff points are difficult but the landing near to the Agios Gerassimos monastery is superb.