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Pure Juice Bar for Tasty and Healthy Choices

Thanos Mondanos and Dimitris Ladas, the people behind the Pure Juice Bar, having lived years abroad wanted to return to Greece and create something of their own which was unique and did not exist in the country. Thanos and Dimitris, who are classmates and friends, they want to use the benefits of Greek products and so they offer daily raw food snacks, smoothies and juices with fresh fruits and superfoods at the “Pure Juice Bar” in the center of Athens.

Their primary goal as they say is to improve the eating habits of the public who visits their shop, offering foods with high nutritional value and variety of flavors. Having lived for years abroad in London and Montreal respectively, they had observed a tendency in these societies for healthy snacks and raw foods rich in vitamins and minerals that give strength to the person to meet the demanding pace of daily life. The best way to achieve this is through the consumption of fruits and vegetables in raw form so as not to lose some of their vitamins. This has been understood in many countries abroad, where most people have included in their daily habits fruits and vegetables.

The two friends aim to use ingredients that are unique to the country, growing therefore the range of the products available and including more healthy combinations. They argue that the environmental part in their business is a key element and an innovation which is not included in the respective businesses located abroad. Their shop is a new proposal for the Greek population but they believe that consumers are ready to embrace it because, especially in recent years, there has been a shift towards healthier choices, mainly by younger people and people with experience from abroad where the lifestyle is much more oriented to such habits and are acquainted with healthy foods.

At the “Pure Juice Bar” you can find wonderful, hearty combinations of juices with superfoods that are rich in taste and on top of that provide all the beneficial properties that someone can take by juice. The visitor has the choice to make any combination of the available fruit and vegetables. The shop also offers healthy and fresh wraps of multigrain pitta breads with flaxseed, chia puddings, acai bowls, raw food energy bars, kale chips, fruit salads, amazing homemade ice tea without sweeteners and unique natural, organic 100% Arabica coffee. As a start, Thanos and Dimitris recommend trying out the Tropical Paradise juice with blueberries, strawberries, coconut milk (or almond), honey, grated coconut, Chia seeds, and dust from dried Acai berries.

The Pure Juice Bar is located at 21 Sina Street in the center of Athens.