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Greek Islands Cruises - What you can visit during your visit to the Greek Islands

Not too many people know this, but the Greek islands include among 1,400 small islands and most of them are still uninhabited.

Starting from the Olympics to the well known aqueducts and to extraordinary walled cities, the cruise to the Greek islands will bring you face to face with fabulous ancient worlds about which more of the people only have managed to read about.

If you have decided in taking a Greek islands cruise, than you really must first climb the Acropolis from Athens as this is really a must do event for every tourist that comes here. As you will walk uphill, there are all around you some really extraordinary surroundings that will manage to keep you intrigued. Once you will get there, you will manage to find yourself in the center of Parthenon which was first constructed in the fifth century b.c. This "city from the hills" housed many sacred buildings in Athens and that was mostly because of its secure location.

One of the most popular destinations that one could visit during his cruise to the Greek islands is Santorini, an interesting combination of really modern convenience and some ancient ruins. Here you will find various restaurants, bars and small shops that will surround a large volcano. Some of the people who have managed to visit this area have describe it as being the "painted city", as Santorini is quite unique for its pastel-colored buildings. The extraordinary beaches along with the beautiful art galleries will make from Santorini a really fantastic location to visit for all those who are interested in the culture of Greece.

Crete is one of the Greek islands' attractions that you can also visit during your cruise here. This large island which is quite full of contradictions will provide you the excitement of a modern city along with the other various inner cities which are dotted with stunning buildings and some really antique architecture. The average tourist will be able to visit here white sandy beaches, extraordinary gorges and really cool traditional local villages. Starting from the Agios Nikolaos "bottomless lake" and all the way up to the olive groves of Sitia or to the city of Chania, all the new tourists of the Greek islands will be able to find here a list of endless interesting things to visit which should keep them busy all day long.