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A Writing Holiday in Greece

Ever heard of a writing holiday? For any budding author wanting to make a career in writing, or even for amateurs who just love to write for their own pleasure, why not go on a writing holiday? Greece is a fantastic place to get creative, as the sea air and country side both offer great scenery that can keep you fixated all day. Greece was actually rated very high in a recommenation on where to go on a writing vacation. Maybe the reason why Greece is considered to be so

inspirational is because of it's history, scenery and overall beauty.

What is a Writing Holiday?
A writing holiday can be sorted outand dealt with entirely by you. A writing holiday means that you will spend a week or two in a scenic location that will inspire you to be creative with your writing. For all of you out there who love to write but need inspiration, this may well be the ideal chance to finally get something done and start writing. It is understandable that you may not want to or find that you can't rewind and be inspired when you have had a long day at work and had to battle your way through a traffic jam on the way home. Greece also has it's large cities and traffic, but has equally as many tranquil towns and cillages where you can take time out to relax and write away.

How to Book a Writing Holiday
Everything can be done entirely by you. You can book your flights, accomodation and car hire yourself. Think of what does or could inspire you, whether it's the sea, mountains, lakes or historic monuments. Once you have an idea of what makes you inspired, look at areas of Greece that offer what you want and nearby accomodation. You can book your flights, accomodation and car hire in advance, so it is fast and easy. Once you arrive at your destination, all you will need is a pen and paper and then you can get to work.

What to Pack
You may decide not to take any kind of modern technology with you on the trip because it could affect your consentration and distract you. When it comes to writing up your piece of work, you could use the traditional way of just a pen and paper or type it up on your laptop. Although some people work better with noise, music or anything loud, many people need a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Remember to pack anything that makes you feel calm, happy and inspired and leave behind anything that could distract or irritate you.

Something in the Air...
Greece has been the film set to many Hollywood films throughout the years, has a rich culture and history and now a very modern and popular holiday destination. Greece is a wonderful country to visit for all age groups, so you'll settle in straight away and feel ready to work. If you arrive in Greece and don't quite feel inspired straight away to sit down and write a best seller, then wonder along the beach, take a stroll in the country side, sit and enjoy a glass of Greek wine with a colourful Greek salad and finish the evening by watching a group of traditional Greek dancers. After a day of seeing what Greece has to offer, you are sure to feel inspired and refreshed.