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Wine Tasting in Greece

IWhy not try wine tasting in Greece or on the Greek islands as a relaxing break with a difference. Great tasting wine is made all over Greece and on the Greek islands and wine tasting is available everywhere too.

You will be sure to find many places where you can visit and take part in wine tasting in Greece. Not only is wine tasting done on mainland Greece, but also on most, if not all of the Greek islands too. Whether you want to go wine tasting as part of your holiday experience or maybe you consider yourself to be a conneseur of fine wines, whatever your reason, you are sure to have fun testing homemade, new and mature wines whilst enjoying the beautiful Greek scenery. There are many places to visit and take part in the wine tasting in Greece and many can be found on the internet or in holiday brochures.

There are so many places where you can go wine tasting, so we are not going to list every place on the Greek islands, but what we have done is put together a guide to identifying a good quality wine! Enjoy!

First, is important to understand the way that a wine is evaluated. The quality of the wine is tested in four ways. These are: taste quality, scent quality, visual quality and overall quality.

Taste Quality

Starting with taste quality, here are some things to consider when tasting a wine.

Sweetness - Is the wine sweet? If so, how sweet? Is the wine dry, sweet, very sweet or different?

Acidity - Is the wine very acidic? Is the wine more refreshing or sharp? Is it more one or the other, or do they work together well? Or is the wine not very acidic at all, is it more flat or tasteless?
Flavour - Is the flavour very strong or very weak? Does the flavour linger in your mouth for very long after each sip? How would you describe the wine, do you think it is weak, refrshing, strong, heavy or something else?

Scent Quality

Scent - How does the wine smell? There are many ways to describe the scent of a wine (sweet, chemical, animal, wood, flowery, fruity, spicy or other)
and how strong is the scent? Does it linger or is it very faint or inbetween the two?
The wines scent depends on the type of grape used and the wines origin.

Visual Quality

The most important factor when examining and type of food or drink is its visual quality. How does it look? The look of the wine, determines how popular it will be and who would want to drink it. The visual qualities in wine highlights other things too, such as the region in which it was made, the age of the wine, the type of grape used to make it and the taste and smell of the wine too. The visual qualities of wine are examined by the colour, brightness and appearance of the wine.

Colour - How deep or light is the colour? Is the colour strong or weak?

Brightness - how bright is the wine? Is it cloudy, sharp, clear or dull?

Appearance - How is the general apperance of the wine, consider the colour, brightness and how appealing it is.

Overall Quality

Finally, the last part of testing a wine, is to judge its overall qualities. We've tested the appearence, scent and taste and now we must judge the wine overall. The overall quality is tested by the appearance of the bottle, label, cork and the wine itself.

Quality - How good do you personally think the wine was? Was it poor, satisfactory, good, very good or outstanding?

How attractive is the wine? - Excellent, very good, good, standard or poor?

How attractive is the cork, bottle and label of the wine? - Poor, fair, reasonable, good, very good or excellent?

And any other comments that you may wish to add...

When you test a wine, you may be given a testing sheet so that you can easily give your criticism and add your own comments. Now you know how to test wine, why don't you test your new knowledge for real and book a holiday today and try out  wine tasting in Greece.