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Pure Juice Bar for Tasty and Healthy Choices

Thanos Mondanos and Dimitris Ladas, the people behind the Pure Juice Bar, having lived years abroad wanted to return to Greece and create something of their own which was unique and did not exist in the country. Thanos and Dimitris, who are classmates and friends, they want to use the benefits of Greek products and so they offer daily raw food snacks, smoothies and juices with fresh fruits and superfoods at the “Pure Juice Bar” in the center of Athens.

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Greek Islands Cruises - What you can visit during your visit to the Greek Islands

greek islands cruisesNot too many people know this, but the Greek islands include among 1,400 small islands and most of them are still uninhabited.

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Climbing Mount Olympus

climbimgClimbing Mount Olympus - Mount Olympus is home to the gods of Greek mythology and Greece`s highest mountain which is located on the Greek mainland. Mount Olympus is an impressive mountain and principal peak of a still-wild mountain area. The mountain has a wealth of tree and plant life which sustains hundreds of species, many of which are very rare. It is appreciated as a hiking and skiing destination.

It is also an outstanding archaeological site and a museum stands at the foot of Mount Olympus in Dion. During August festivals and plays are held in the restored ancient theatre.

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Camping in Greece

camping in greeceIf you enjoy the outdoors and getting back to nature then a camping holiday in Greece is worth considering.

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Sailing around the Greek Islands

saling around the islandsImagine sailing to a beautiful, sandy beach on one of the Ionian Islands and the view of the coastline with its tiny white houses and churches perched on the rocks. With thousands of beautiful islands to explore, sailing around the Greek Islands is a fantastic experience. There are many ways you can travel around the islands but one of the best ways is by boat or yacht and there are numerous Greek yachting companies, who can hire either full blown yachts or sail boats with skilled crew to help navigate your way around the islands of your choice.

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A Writing Holiday in Greece

writingEver heard of a writing holiday? For any budding author wanting to make a career in writing, or even for amateurs who just love to write for their own pleasure, why not go on a writing holiday? Greece is a fantastic place to get creative, as the sea air and country side both offer great scenery that can keep you fixated all day. Greece was actually rated very high in a recommenation on where to go on a writing vacation. Maybe the reason why Greece is considered to be so

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Activity Holidays on the Greek Islands

activities galore on the Greek IslandsThere are numerous fun activities that you can enjoy either as part of your holiday on the Greek Islands or as a new hobby to compliment your island life and the best thing about the many activities on offer is that you don’t need any experience to participate in most of them. We take a look at three fabulous island activities, which we are sure will enhance your time here.

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Wine Tasting in Greece

wine glassesIWhy not try wine tasting in Greece or on the Greek islands as a relaxing break with a difference. Great tasting wine is made all over Greece and on the Greek islands and wine tasting is available everywhere too.

You will be sure to find many places where you can visit and take part in wine tasting in Greece. Not only is wine tasting done on mainland Greece, but also on most, if not all of the Greek islands too. Whether you want to go wine tasting as part of your holiday experience or maybe you consider yourself to be a conneseur of fine wines, whatever your reason, you are sure to have fun testing homemade, new and mature wines whilst enjoying the beautiful Greek scenery. There are many places to visit and take part in the wine tasting in Greece and many can be found on the internet or in holiday brochures.

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Golf on the Greek Islands

golfWhilst golf is still not a popular sport among the Greeks, some of the islands have some fantastic 18 hole courses, with four international standard courses based on the islands of Crete, Rhodes and Corfu and there are more in the pipeline. So if golf is your bag and you are looking for a challenging course amidst a scenic backdrop, read on to find out more about the golfing greens the Islands can offer.

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