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Keeping Busy This Winter

autumnWinter is approaching, which means that the colder weather will soon be upon us, or perhaps you may already be feeling the cold. During the winter months, it is natural for us to want to hide away and stay in the warm comfort of our own homes - what is wrong with that? But if you're going to stay indoors this winter, don't do nothing and make sure you do something. Use these winter months to do something creative or useful

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The Dating Strategies to Succeed in Business!

To succeed in business, you must compare your business strategies to that of a relationship. It may sound odd, but by understanding the usual process of forming a relationship, will help you to form a good business strategy and relationship with your business clients. Business strategies are often compared to relationships and although it seems strange to mix

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A Holiday in Greece

It is already time to think about booking a summer holiday and where better than Greece? Greece has a lot to offer and there is a lot of the country to explore! Whether you want to relax by the pool or get to grips with the Greek history, there truly is something to suit everyone in Greece. If you book early you will be able to find some great deals on many package holidays and other fantastic bargains, so don't waste time! If you are looking to visit Greece in the peak season during July and

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Our Favourite Things About the Summer

Summer is upon us once again! Most of us can agree that we love the summer. What is not to love? Unlike other Northern European countries, you can generally guarentee a great summer in Greece, which means that it's a season of sun, sea and fun! Many foreigners who choose to relocate abroad, often pick a home in the country side or by the sea. Both areas have one thing in common, which is that they both boost people's moods and make people more possitive and happy!

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Heptapyrgion Prison in Thessaloniki

The Heptapyrgion (archaic Greek Ἑπταπύργιον), modern Eptapyrgio (Επταπύργιο), also popularly known by its Ottoman Turkish name Yedi Kule (Γεντί Κουλέ), is a Byzantine and Ottoman-era fortress situated on the north-eastern corner of the acropolis of Thessaloniki in Greece. Despite its name, which in both languages means "Fortress of Seven Towers", it features ten, and was probably named after the Yedikule Fortress in Constantinople

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Nomad International Supports Sara's Hope Foundation

Not only do Nomad International deliver your goods and belongings to you, but they also deliver good will as they are supporters of the Greek Crete-based charity Sara's Hope Foundation. So, when Nomad International approached us at Quest Greek Islands about helping raise awareness, we happily agreed to support this cause.

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Wildlife Rescue Service in Aegina

Wild life Rescue service - Aegina
The Wildlife hospital

After helping many injured birds by taking them in to their homes, Philip Dragoumis and Yiannis Poutopoulos gradually expanded their rescue centres thorugh the years until they gathered enough support and money to move the birds to a larger and more permanent space. Yiannis Poutopoulos originally started to rescue injured birds and released them back in to the wild after nursing them back to health. After a short time, Yiannis had ran out of room in his apartment and so his friend Philip Dragoumis helped out by doing the same, and so Philip took some of the birds in to his apartment. Dragoumis and Poutopoulos both ran out of room and so the group of volunteers grew, as caring people took some of these injured birds in to their homes and helped them.

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A Global English TESOL course: Reviewed

As you may have noticed, we have been advertising Global-English TESOL courses on our site for the past few months. Not only have we been promoting their company, but Quest Greek islands also took a

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The Sanctuary that Saved the Dancing Bears

Northern Greece have a very large bear sanctuary, where many brown bears have been rehabited. Many of the bears have been rescued from a cruel life in a circus or performing as a 'dancing bear'. Arcturos Bear Sanctuary, Mount Nympeon Greece was originally set up by a winemaker Yianni Boutari, who helped set up the sanctuary here as it is close to his home village of Nympeon. The village was very empty before Boutari set up the sanctuary close by, but as a result of his eager attempts to bring life back in to the village, the village of Nympeon is now a historic village.


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