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Zakynthos Marine Park

When people hear the word Greece, they immediately picture white, sandy beaches next to crystal blue sea, visiting archaeological sights and relaxing by the pool sipping a refreshing alcoholic beverage. This sounds like a very idyllic lifestyle for most of us, but if you burn in the sun, hate the sea and have very little interest in history, then obviously you are looking for something else to do to occupy yourself.

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Fancy a Share in a Yacht?

yachting syndication greek islandsMany of us dream of having our own yacht to explore the Greek Islands. The reality for most is that the cost of buying a yacht, together with ongoing maintenance, menas that few get to realise this dream. A new way to fulfil the dream is to take part in yacht syndication, the internationally recognised way of becoming a yacht owner. This gives you ownership at a fraction of the normal costs. Just walk on and walk off - and enjoy hassle free yachting!

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