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Common Furnishing Challenges and Solutions

You’ve just bought your new Greek home but don’t have the budget to renovate it just yet. If you cannot renovate your bedroom from scratch, there are many ways to update it to create a room that is unique to your own style and preferences. The good news is that homeowners with a little do-it-yourself carpentry know-how can renovate their homes with a simple DIY wardrobe project.

Common problems with new furniture

There are a number of common problems experienced when fitting any type of furniture in a room. Because not all rooms come in simple square shape designs, many will have some obstacles and obstructions. Below are some of the challenges you may encounter when installing your wardrobe, as well as the solutions to enable you to get the job done right.

Two common obstacles to the design of a bedroom include a chimney breast and a curtain pole/ track.

The chimney breast is a common feature in many bedrooms and is found on the outside wall, which is generally the longest wall in the bedroom. This is what makes this wall the most suitable for fitting the runs of the wardrobes. There is no specific way in which you may plan your renovation around the chimney breast. Your options are to either fit robes into the alcoves or run your wardrobe right across its front. It is therefore advisable to opt for the front frame constructed wardrobes in such a case, instead of the carcass robes which will involve a lot of cutting and shaping of the backs and sides.

Another common problem is the lack of adequate depth next to the bedroom window, for the fitting of the wardrobe. The solution for this is the placement of a recessed filler. Place a recessed filler close to the window, but with space left down its side for the curtains to be drawn into. The curtains normally still extend further than the wardrobe when drawn back. As a result the wardrobe will not appear to be standing independently of the window.

Sloping ceilings are yet another challenge. To overcome this problem you will require the expertise of a fitted bedroom specialist. This is because the manufacture and placement of wardrobes with sloped doors requires a lot of skill.

Radiators are another obstacle, because they must be avoided when fitting furniture. The heat emitted by the radiator will most likely damage the furniture as it is constructed using resins and glues. However, the radiator is an easy obstacle to overcome. If it stands in the way of your ideal bedroom design, you may simply have it moved to a different location in the room.

Electric sockets can be a problem if they are in the way of your bedroom furniture layout design. These may similarly be moved to a different location in the bedroom. Also check that your over-bed layout design does not interfere with any loft hatch. Ensure that any hanging pendant-type ceiling lights do not interfere with the opening of your cupboard doors as well.