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Mallorca the Ideal Time to Invest in a Property

The Ideal Time to Invest in Mallorca Property

Mallorca is the Balearic Island’s main island and Palma is its capital. Mallorca operates on similar time as mainland Spain and is therefore one hour before Greenwich Mean Time.



Flights are frequent to the islands and the flight time from a lot of airports in the UK is about 2 to 2 ½ hours. On arrival, the local time is one hour ahead of GMT.

Mallorca consists of terrain, landscapes and wonderful white sandy beaches surrounding the coast.

Great Spots in Mallorca

  • There is something for each person in Mallorca which makes it an appealing area for retirement also. It is not just the beaches which are beautiful in Mallorca but great tourists’ sites and lovely country-sides.
  • Mallorca’s weather is pleasurable and unique all year. Natural spots and historic places are available which you can explore. Spanish people have a pleasant and warm personality and love having fun in life.
  • Mallorca has a history which is fascinating and it is displayed in a lot of museums and structures all through the island!

Why Mallorca Property is on High Demand

  • Compared to other areas to the North of Europe, it has a lower price.
  • Mallorca is among the most famous destinations for people from all nationalities and offers a huge variety of attractions to suit each taste.
  • The eastern coast of Mallorca has isolated coves numbering more than fifty which are very beautiful and attract a lot of tourists each year.
  • The transportation system is good in Mallorca.
  • Mallorca provides a second home for a lot of Hollywood celebrities.

As the Mediterranean Sea’s major destination, Mallorca is gifted with every essence of the Mediterranean climate and weather.

Lately, the government is focusing on enhancing infrastructure.
This will most surely increase the price of property in the coming few years.

Investing in Mallorca Property

  • Mallorca is not just a great place to reside in but is now a profitable place to make investments in property. Therefore, this is the appropriate time to make investments in Mallorca property.
  • Mallorca has all kinds of property such as 1 bedroom apartments with a view of the beach and fascinating luxurious villas which can be utilized as homes for holidays, first residents or for investments.
  • In general, the island’s resorts on the south coast have more life and are more suitable for young people or the ones looking for an active evening.
  • The north east coast of Mallorca has a large bay which consists of famous resorts named Can Pica fort and Alcudia. Closer to the northern point of the island at Cap de Fomenter, Puerto Pollensa can be found. This is a favorite spot for people on holiday.
  • This entire area is famous with walkers, cyclists and birdwatchers. Further from these resorts though, Mallorca is still very attractive. Mallorca’s capital, Palma is a major town at the seaside which has a port and harbor for yachts.
  • Ferries also sail to the mainland and lovely shops are found here. There are numerous great hotels, restaurants and night clubs.
  • Purchasing property in Palma signifies that amenities and a life of high quality are easily accessible and in a span of a few years you can make a lot of money.