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Ikaria Real Estate

Ikaria real estate can help you find your very own dream place in the sun away from the crowds.

Ikaria is a beautiful island that offers buyers peace and quiet in a stunning location. A wide selection of properties to suit all investors are available from Irakia real estate. Every agent in the island has a portfolio covering land, quaint, rural houses, businesses and apartments.

The island of Ikaria is still one of the last remaining untouched Greek islands with fresh Mountain air, hot springs and unspoilt coast. Tourism has not taken over entirely and the island still has a wealth of nature and freedom to enjoy. There is plenty to see and do. If you are visiting this impressive island it has a fascinating history, culture, water sports, and eco tourism and wine tours. You will be greeted by friendly hospitality and delicious food and drink. It is a great place to consider if you are searching for property as it still provides a lifestyle where time has stood still.

Irakia real estate have some great bargains with land 529 M2 from 12 000 Euros, new 70 sqm apartments from 70 000 Euros and small town houses from 50 000 Euros. So if you are considering buying into the Greek property market why not take a look at this wonderful island.

Recent real estate news has put Greece in the top 10 of property destinations for enquiries, for the first time in just under a year. Interest from buyers is on the increase and now this is improving confidence in the Greek property market. Greece and the Greek Islands have so much to offer buyers from around the world; it is a truly beautiful country.

The Greek Island of Ikaria is located in the beautiful Aegean Sea, 10 miles southwest of Samos and covers an area of 99 sq miles. The major town on the island is Agios Kirykos. The island is renowned for its stunning Mountainous scenery which slopes down into to the clear blue sea. Herbs and fauna grow wild on the hillside, and goats graze lazily in the sun. Scattered amid them are brightly coloured beehives.

The lifestyle here is extremely healthy and the island has a reputation that people live longer here than most other places around the globe. It is common to see centenarians here. Many of these people enjoy a natural diet, a glass of delicious red wine, strong black coffee and a cigarette.

What is the reason for the long life? Maybe the fresh salty sea air and the warm sunshine, along with keeping active walking up and down the steep hills daily to the shops on the islands and knowing when to rest. Of course the diet may help contribute too; here it is primarily natural food that is eaten. Most dishes derive from the local produce such as vegetables, olives, honey and wild herbs. Subsequently, if you want to live longer and have a healthier lifestyle this wonderful island is the location for you.

Scientists who have researched this theory of longevity on the island have discovered that since the 6th Century B.C Ikaria was a health destination due to its hot springs for ancient Turkish and Roman visitors. The springs were believed to help relieve joint complaints and skin problems. Studies discovered high levels of radon in these baths which help protects the body's DNA against the aging process. Is this not a good enough reason to invest in a piece of Greek paradise and have a change of lifestyle so why not take a look at Ikaria real estate today?