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Living in Greece

Are you fed up with your life and contemplating living in Greece?  Moving abroad is a major decision in life and probably easier than ever with the access to unlimited information from the internet making research easier compared to days gone by when our ancestors moved to explore new lands and uncertain of what the future held for them. In addition, the introduction of budget travel also helps give independence to those considering making the move to make frequent trips for property viewing trips and arrange meetings.

Greece and the Greek islands are popular tourist destinations and attract visitors from around the globe every year. So is it any wonder when travellers visit Greece to soak up the sunshine, scenery, food and culture of this beautiful country that it entices them to consider a life change. After all, in today`s modern society the simplicity and freedom to travel and observe other countries gives many of us a longing to sample other lifestyles.  The country is known for its good weather and healthy lifestyle, which puts it above other European countries, as far as lifestyle is concerned.

Is living in Greece the right place for you?

To help you decide if relocating to Greece is for you, ensure you research as much about the country as possible. Look into the issues of full time residency, tax and health insurance details. Often these important legalities get overlooked by the `holiday feeling` with the sunshine and a beer at the bar. It is a new country with new laws and you must make sure you do all the necessary homework to suit your new lifestyle.

Spend as much time there as possible. If you are living in Greece, it is a good idea to rent before you buy, for at least 6 months. This will enable you to get the true picture of what life will be like, dealing with day to day problems. Holidays only last a few weeks, and it is different when living long term in a new country with a new culture.

Although English is spoken widely in tourist resorts, towns and cities the language is another hurdle when living in Greece, especially if you decide to buy property in a rural location. So it is advisable when moving to a foreign country to learn some important phrases to help integrate. Communicating with just a few words to locals in another language can feel very rewarding! It may encourage you to have lessons and become fluent in the Greek language.

Those contemplating long term residence, particularly those planning to retire in Greece, or work, or purchase property are particularly urged to seek advice from as many sources as possible.  You can never do enough homework on a country, and laws can quickly change so keep up to date on all relevant news to suit your proposed new lifestyle.

The British Embassy website has valuable information and resources for people of all ages who are considering buying, working and living in Greece.

Greece is known for its ancient history, good weather and healthy lifestyle and is a popular place for holiday makers and also other foreigners who buy homes there.

Most expats find it easy to settle in to life in Greece, as it is a warm and inviting country, just like the people who live there. However, make sure all family members agree with the move. Talk and discuss what each family member wants from the new move. It is common to have differences, with one wanting the rural peaceful country life growing vegetables and having animals and the other wants a beach side apartment! Take into consideration the location of a property and the proximity to work, health care, shops, schools etc.  Listen and share ideas then you may be able to compromise and resolve any problems that have evolved.

Many marriages and families fall apart from a new life not turning out quite like expected. Remember each country has its own problems and the grass is not always greener on the other side. But nevertheless, by spending any amount of time living in Greece it will offer you experiences and knowledge that will stay with you for a lifetime.