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Living the Big City Life

Living the big city life often means large developed areas, where there is 24 hours a day entertainment and so you couldn't possibly be bored or dissappointed if you tried! But is this so!? Living in a busy area such as a big city, where there are tonnes of people, a million and one things to do and so much to see and do, it does seem exciting, but how would you feel in the long run?

Many foreigners who plan to relocate abroad, seek comfort in moving to an area filled with year round tourists, but find it upsetting and lonely when the tourists have to return home. You may also think that as it is a big town or city, work is easily found, but remember that everyone thinks the same way and more people means more competition when finding work. On the other hand, when moving abroadliving the big city life can be slightly easier to settle in to compared to a quieter area, due to there being more English speaking people in larger towns, which makes the process initially easier.

The Big City Life

Compared to living in a rural area, there is always so much to see and do in busier areas. Often, you don't have to worry about expensive taxi fares or drinking and driving, because everything is pretty much on your doorstep. There is something for all ages and there are plenty of schools, colleges and oppurtunities for children too.

More people means that there will be less emphasis on you, as someone that has recently moved in, people in the city are too busy with their daily life to invent rumours and interest in someone who they barely know. As a result, many expats find it easier to settle in to life abroad if they live in a busier area. There are often a higher number of people who speak English as well, so this initially makes communicating with people and making friends a lot easier. It is often the case that rural areas have an ageing population and although there are younger people and children living there too, it is hardest for expat children to make friends in villages because it is common for the local children to live with relatives in busier areas during the week, so that they can go to school in a town or city. Where as living the big city life you can meet people of all ages so making friends is never a problem.

As for finding work, there is a higher possibilty of finding work in large towns and cities compared to villages, where there is very little oppurtunity for younger people, which is probably why it is common for them to move to cities to find work. Expats may also find work in bars, restaurants and in the tourist industry and having the skill of knowing English can be a huge advantage.

If you find it difficult to live without the latest technology and gadgets, you are more likely to suit living in a larger area, where you will still be able to get fast internet access and be able to purchase the latest gadgets.

Hustle, bustle and noise!

Cities and towns are busy places, where you are likely to be woken up by the sound of party animals coming out of night clubs in the early hours of the mornings, the sound of traffic, tourists arriving at their holiday destination and all night entertainment. This does depend on the area that you choose, but remember that if there is heaps of entertainment then there is likely to be noise all day and night!

Competition for work! Although you have more chance of finding work in a city, there are also much more people wanting the same job, which means that there is more competition. If you find work in the tourist sector then bare in mind that you will more than likely have to find temporary work through the out of season months when there are no tourists.

Just like anywhere in the world, Greece is no different, where there are more people you will find that the crime rate is considerably higher. So naturally you will have to take extra precautions like you would anywhere else, you might want to install a security system to your home and avoid walking alone at night.

If you don't want to have close connections with fellow expats and want to avoid the sterotype belief that all the expats stick together, and so decide to make friends with the tourists that visit the country and then leave again. This can work for some people and these people find that mixing with tourists who come and go, is just the right amount of foreign interaction that they need without relying on having a huge circle of expat friends. But unfortunately for others, making new friends and losing them again can make you feel unsettled, especially if you form a strong friendship with some of the tourists.

Living the big city life in Greece suits some and not others, so ensure you research as much as possible beforehand to make sure the lifestyle is for you!