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Living the Simple Life

Often when people plan on relocating to a foreign country, they try their best to hunt out a very quiet, secluded area where they can relax whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility around them. But this is not always everyones cup of tea and although this seems idyllic to some, living in an area where there is virtually nothing, can be a depressing thought for some. But there are on the other hand, many advantages to living in small towns and villages.

The village is a place where you can relax, enjoy the outdoors, go for walks in the country side, learn to grow your own fruit and vegetables and forget having to complete tasks on a time limit.

The Simple Life

On the plus side for living in a rural area, you get to experince living in the country side, possibly growing your own fruit and vegetables and being involved in a close knit community. Even if you are not used to living the village life, some people find it very easy to adapt to their new life and have very few complaints. Imagine just how wonderful it would be to wake up to the sound of birds singing, a woodpecker pecking on a tree and maybe even the sound of farm yard animals instead of hearing busy traffic all day and night.

Rural life is also excellent for anyone that loves to walk, jog, bike and play sports, because there is usually so much space and oppurtunity to do these things. You may even find that there is a local lake where you can swim in throughout the summer months. Many people also decide to get a pet dog so that they have more of an excuse to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the country side.

If you've left the hustle and bustle of your previous life to make a new life for yourself in a rural area, then you'll no doubt be relieved to take a rest from all the modern technology. This doesn't mean that you will never be watch TV or check your emails again, but you don't have to feel as if you need to keep up with the latest technology. One of the modern devices that people are only too happy to thow away are their mobile phones! Are you one of those people who dread it everytime their phone rings and as a result, you now despise the sound of your ringtone. That is why many foreigners who leave stressful, hectic lives behind, often get great pleasure out of disposing of their moble phones!

Small towns and villages often have a close knit community and it is not uncommon to find yourself with lots of visitors wishing to introduce themselves or pass the time of day with you. The rural life is a very laid back way of living. Rarely do people bother worrying about things such as watches and clocks, as long as a job gets done eventually, it's ok!

If you fancy having a go at growing your own fruit and vegetables or rearing your own live stock, then the villages are the place to be. You'll not only learn how the locals do it and learn some handy tips, but you'll learn just how to produce some great quality produce!

Living in a Ghost Town

You can clearly see that there are many advantages to living in a more relaxed and calmer environment, but is it really for you? Will you suddenly discover one day that after moving to a rural area, that it just isn't really for you? Have you considered all the draw backs to living in an area with less people and a place that is far from anywhere?!

If you're not suited to a place, then you're just not suited! It's as simple as that. You can't force yourself to like a place, just like you can't force yourself to like people that you find difficult to get along with. In general, people who are used to and enjoy living in quiet towns and villages, often find it easier to settle in, even abroad. But those who are used to having take-out foods sent to them at all hours, having the best supermarkets and shops on their doorstep and having heaps of entertainment around them, may find it difficult to make such a drastic life change.

Smaller towns and villages means less people, which means that everyone knows everyone and eveything about them too! This can initially sound quite pleasant, and although it isn't always bad, consider how you would feel when people want to discuss and prye in to your personal life. This is especially hard to deal with when you are not used to living in a small community.

When it comes to getting out and about, travelling can work out expensive. If you don't own your own vehicle, then you must rely on public transport, if it is available in your area. However, if you do drive and want to enjoy a night out in another town, you will have to stick to soft drinks or find someone who is willing to drive you back home, as you don't want to get caught for drinking and driving.

The weather can also be a daunting factor, as in times of bad weather such as snow, you don't want to get trapped inside the house and unable to make your way out of the house or village and get to a shop. During winter months, when there is a possibility of snow and bad weather, it is a good idea to stock up on food and essentials.

Finally, what happens of you simply get bored of living in an area where there is very little to do? It is very common for village environments to make their own wine or other type of alcohol such as ouzo or raki, and therefore the village can have quite a big drink culture. But unless you want to spend your days and nights drinking and socialising, you may find that you have to really motivate yourself to occupy your days.