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Quieter Islands of Greece

Once you have settled on the idea of buying in Greece, the next question of course, is where? Do you plan on buying on the mainland or on one of its many islands. There are many well-known Greek islands, where tourists and investors flock to, but if you are looking for a more secluded area then read on.


Situated in the centre of the Aegean, Schinoussa is a very tiny island situated between Ios and Naxos.


Due to its size, few tourists know or come to this island. Many people say that the island of Schinoussa is idyllic and like paradise is the ideal destination for anyone who is seeking peace and tranquility. Unlike many of the larger Greek islands, that were developed for the tourist industry, Schinoussa still remains very traditional. The island's beaches are fairly quiet all year round and the beautiful scenery is left natural and unspoilt.


Anafi was once an island forgotten by the majority of tourists however, over the past few years, tourists have regained interest in the island. In comparison to its sister island, Santourini, Anafi is a very pure island with a very small population. Although it may appear to be a very sleepy island, there are still a few bars, cafe's and shops on the island. Even if you fancy a late night drink or snack, there is always some sort of entertainment to be found on a Greek island, whether it is Greek or tourist style.


There are very few tourists who come to the island of Donoussa, so if you are looking for a traditional Greek island, Donoussa is the perfect choice. The tourists that come to the island are usually Greek and come to the island from other parts of Greece. For anyone planning to relocate to this island, it is important to be aware that it is essential to learn a few words and phrases in Greek, as there are few English speaking tourists on the island and therefore few people speak English. If the idea of learning the lingo frightens you, don't worry, as the people of Donoussa are very welcoming and friendly. Donoussa is situated between Naxos and Amorgos, where you can fly to before catching a ferry to Donoussa.


With its tiny population of just 150 inhabitants, is it any wonder why Iraklia remains a very calm, untouched island? Iraklia is located between Naxos and Ios, both of which are major tourist resorts. Due to the size of Iraklia, the island doesn't have an airport, but regular ferry trips are ran to and from Naxos. There are very few forms of transport in Iraklia; the preferred form of transport is on foot and sometimes on a moped. Don't head to Iraklia if you're looking for a quieter, less populated version of an island like Crete, as you will be sadly dissapointed. Iraklia is a good choice for anyone who appreciates the natural country side, walking and going to the beach. You may find there are some quiet bars and restaurants on the island, but night life, such as disco's don't exist.


One of the quietest, smallest yet well-known, Patmos is known for its religious history. The population of the island is more than on most of the islands with approximately 2, 500 residents. Patmos attracts more tourists than other places due to its reputation of being a religious island. There are interesting, religious and historical places to visit, as well as relaxing beaches and shops selling hand-crafted goods, art and souvenirs. As for the night life scene, it is very relaxed and easy-going and you are guarenteed a good night out, even if there are fewer people. The island of Patmos may be busier than most of the other small Greek islands, but still has no airport, but has regular ferry crossing from Patmos to either Mykonos, Samos or Tinos.

If you're planning to invest or relocate to the Greek islands, it is important to remember that the areas are more traditional and therefore more traditional with very few tourists and very few locals who possibly understand English. Prices remain slightly lower on these islands, as it is still possible to find reasonably priced properties on any of these islands.