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Investing in Skopelos Property

Despite the economic doom and gloom, the Greek Island of Skopelos is increasingly popular this year for property purchasers. Quest Greek Islands takes an inside peek at what makes the island of Skopelos so desirable for property investment. With the huge number of Greek Islands to choose from it is almost impossible to select just one. But ask the Greeks and more often than not they will say 'Skopelos'.

 Skopelos Island Skopelos is one of the greenest of the isles, with cool pines, olive groves and broad leaf trees as a backdrop to the heat of the dazzling beaches. A lush natural beauty with carpeted hills and magnificent beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. The towns of Skopelos and Glossa are scattered with pretty whitewashed houses with colourful shutters amid narrow winding streets. It is an extraordinary mix of new with old, which blends successfully.

Skopelos Town has all the mod cons and amenities you would expect, yet it is hard to imagine this when you are wandering from the pretty waterfront through tiny little cobbled lanes with overhanging houses and the medieval castle. The pedestrianised area at the waterfront is lively on a summer evening and you'll see any number of families out for a stroll, window shopping or taking a moment out in one of the appealing cafes, bars and restaurants. It is an atmospheric town where life continues as it has done for centuries, although these days the small local fishing boats are joined by splendid yachts and private cruisers.

The town of Glossa is quieter than Skopelos town but is just as beautiful. It is perched high up and the views are breathtaking. You can see right over to Skiathos, Evia and it is a real treat to sit watching the sun set. It seems as if the little houses are clinging to the steep hillside. Glossa is much more traditional in feel and you'll see donkeys laden with produce in the tiny streets.

Kastini is a breathtaking bay - although actually only one of many. Skopelos is full of charming bays, you'll stumble across them everywhere across the island. The western coast is busier than the east coast but even so, if you find six other people on a small beach, you'll be surprised. Glysteri beach on the east coast is enjoyed by the locals but you'll barely find a tourist here.

Despite its popularity with tourists, the island has managed to avoid the worst of mass development, which is one of the appealing factors with property buyers. The island is certainly one of Greece's hidden gems, unspoilt, with barely a sign of hotel development and today there are all the signs that a property boom could be on the way.


The island has a wonderful laid-back feel. This is an island with a distinctly Greek and unpolished feel, nothing pretentious here. Even in Skopelos town there are no street signs and no cars permitted in the old town. This is a "down to earth" place, based on agriculture.

Most buyers love the typical Greek Island lifestyle, where the heat of the day highlights the brilliance of the sea and in the evening the bars and restaurants are full of families. The permanent inhabitants on the island number around 5,000 but during the summer months this is added to by Greek, Brit and Scandinavian holidaymakers. Property buyers like the authenticity of the island, with no big five star resorts nor 18-30's party scene. Owners find the island compact and easy to get around. The lush deep green interior of the island is popular with buyers, who can get away from the sun blasted coast for traditional island property.

Food is distinctly country cooking. Simple recipes of grills and stews. The local dish is Skopelot Tiropita, which is a round cheese pie.

This is a very relaxed lifestyle and if you are looking for property on a textbook, picture-perfect island, then Skopelos is worth a serious look.


Many buyers look at Slopelos town but there are plenty of farmhouses in the countryside now being purchased for renovation; and even a few new build properties with fabulous views. The island topography is diverse and property seekers will find an excellent variety of locations, offering anything from panoramas over olive groves through to superb sea views.

The Greek Island property market in general has only expanded in recent years and the bulk of property buyers remain those seeking an excellent lifestyle, although Skopelos is becoming more popular with second home buyers. Skopelos provides a great opportunity to buy into the Greek dream.

As a rough guide, a small town house can be bought for as little as 40,000 euros. A real bargain but be aware that renovation costs will add up to double this figure. For something ready to move into, then you should look to budget from 150,000 to 300,000 euros, depending upon how large a property you want and comfort level. Farmhouses can be found, even with a sea view, for as little as 25,000 euros!

For property, Skopelos Town has a great choice from small simple houses through to large mansions. Glossa is cheaper for property than Skopelos town but many properties need plenty of work. Outside the main towns many buyers are opting for farmhouses for renovation.

For those who would like to build their own dream property, then building land is available. Prices vary wildly depending upon location, views and access to amenities. For a single family home plot, you'll pay anything from 30,000 to 100,000 euros.

Investors seeking buy to let property, should do well on Skopelos. With the success of the film, Mamma Mia, an unprecedented number of tourists are flocking to the island and holiday companies say that they are receiving a record level of enquiries.

What's for sale

A traditional house in the middle of Skopelos town with outdoor space, views to the harbour and hills. Stone built with traditional slate roof, the property only needs a little work to make this a fine home. 120,000 euros (see photo above)

Lovely one bedroom home in Glossa. This property has a wonderful garden with mature trees and flowers.

The roof terrace affords splendid views over the sea.

Needs little to turn it into a splendid home. 90,000 euros

Getting there

Getting to Skopelos has become increasingly easy. There are direct flights from the UK to Skiathos. The flying Catamaran (only half an hour) and other ferries, then get you to the island.