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Spa Towns in Greece

Spa Towns in Greece - Spa tourism has grown tremendously throughout Europe over the last ten years and in some countries like Germany the need to relax, pamper oneself and heal disease and ailments in a natural way has lead to the increased demand. Many European countries however have limited mineral resources and even when they do few have a warm climate to combine with these wonderful natural features. Greece has over 750 natural mineral spas; some of the islands have such healthy natural water whose content is as good, if not better than that of world-renowned spas like Baden-Baden and Vichy.


Spa Towns in Greece

The island of Euboea is the second largest after Crete, yet unlike its giant cousin, it is relatively little known to foreign tourists. It is located in the Aegean Sea close to Athens on the mainland and is a renowned property hotspot for the domestic market. The area around the town of Edipsos, dubbed ‘the Spa Town,’ is rich in mineral spas reputed to aid the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, nervous disorders, sciatica, and gynecological problems and this is where property searches should be conducted. The town is popular with Greek tourists and offers year round facilities including many shops, banks and tavernas. The mineral springs are not the only attractions in this area; there is also an archaeological collection and an attractive monastery. There are also several spa hotels where you can try out some of the healing therapies using the area’s natural resources. A new build, two bedroom property with around 70 sq m of living space and sea views will cost around 180,000 Euros.


Some of the world’s best thermal mineral springs are located on Ikaria, a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea, south west of Samos. It is renowned for its fine wine, the legend of Icarus and thermal springs, which originate underground and are heated by radiation. It is still relatively untouched by hordes of tourists despite its wonderful rugged landscape and fine sandy beaches. There is also plenty of traditional Greek property and lots of good quality slate from the mountains is used in their construction and some are close to the mineral spas. The city aptly named Therma is the spa capital of the island. It has a scenic bay and a perfect beach particularly good for keen swimmers. The town is full of pretty white-washed houses with balconies ladened with flowers overlooking the sea. The spa town is enveloped by rugged hills and it is possible to see the giant rocks, which stand proudly at the gorge where the main mineral spring lies. The town offers much in the way of amenities with quaint cafes, a small colourful town square, shops, restaurants, and bakeries. Property in Therma costs around 120,000 Euros for whitewashed, flat roof, two bedroom property on a plot of over 250 sq m in size.


Many people visit Lesbos solely for its many curative thermal mineral springs, which are located in several resorts on the island. Lesbos is situated in the north eastern Aegean Islands not far from the mainland of Turkey. It is the third largest Greek Island and has good transport links with its own airport and ferry terminal. It is famed for its prolific production of ouzo and olive oil; the rich olive groves are one of the islands natural phenomena. Yet it also offers great beaches and many picturesque villages. The thermal springs at Polichnitos are reputed to be the hottest in Europe reaching temperatures in excess of 60 degrees. They are located 60 m above sea level, close to the banks of the River Almyropotamus. The surroundings are truly magnificent with an array of colour created by the mineral deposits. Turnkey traditional stone property in Polichnitos will cost in the region of 120,000 Euros for a two bedroom house with around 100 sq m of living space. The town offers a full range of amenities including plenty of shops, restaurants and spa hotels.

The other most popular thermal spring on Lesbos can be found in the village of Lisvori, which is close to Polichnitos. Known as “Agios Ioannis,” the springs here feed into the public bath house, which is equipped with treatment rooms and semi circular mineral pool, built in a classic architectural style. Property in the village is exceptionally cheap with a three bedroom stone house in need of some renovation costing as little as 60,000 Euros.


This small island belongs to the Cyclades and is often known as Thermia because of its hot mineral spas. It is a popular holiday and investment destination for many Greeks lying only 52 nautical miles from the mainland. Its coastline spans 100 km and there are around 70 good sandy beaches as well as the Katafiki Cave, one of the largest in Greece. The island is very fertile with many valleys surrounded by low lying hills where the locals grown vines, fruit and vegetables. The scenery on this island is truly wonderful with many quaint villages with homes built in traditional Cycladic architecture. The mineral springs are located on the north east of the island in the village of Loutra. The village has quite a few spa hotels catering for the many tourists who flock here as well as a public bath house equipped with lovely marble bathtubs. Property is not too easy to find here and consequently not as cheap as some of the other spa towns in Greece; a two bedroom apartment with 60 sq m of living space in a two storey house will cost around 60,000 Euros.