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Living the Simple Life

Often when people plan on relocating to a foreign country, they try their best to hunt out a very quiet, secluded area where they can relax whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility around them. But this is not always everyones cup of tea and although this seems idyllic to some, living in an area where there is virtually nothing, can be a depressing thought for some. But there are on the other hand, many advantages to living in small towns and villages.

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Quieter Islands of Greece

Once you have settled on the idea of buying in Greece, the next question of course, is where? Do you plan on buying on the mainland or on one of its many islands. There are many well-known Greek islands, where tourists and investors flock to, but if you are looking for a more secluded area then read on.


Situated in the centre of the Aegean, Schinoussa is a very tiny island situated between Ios and Naxos.

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Hotspots : Golf Property

You don’t have to love golf courses to buy a property on or close to one of the Greek Island golf courses in fact, nearly three-quarters of British investors have never even played golf, yet they choose to buy close to the courses because of the peaceful atmosphere, facilities and security afforded by life on a golf course; golf property is rapidly growing into a large and profitable niche market.

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Greek Islands: Pros and Cons Off Plan Property

The pros and cons of buying off plan on the Greek Islands, how it works and who really benefits are explored in this article. The dream for the property buyer, of course, is getting their dream holiday home, or later retirement home, at the lowest possible price, whilst watching the value of the property increase as the build progresses. However, the reality can be somewhat different, particularly in these harsh economic times.

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Spa Towns in Greece

Spa Towns in Greece - Spa tourism has grown tremendously throughout Europe over the last ten years and in some countries like Germany the need to relax, pamper oneself and heal disease and ailments in a natural way has lead to the increased demand. Many European countries however have limited mineral resources and even when they do few have a warm climate to combine with these wonderful natural features. Greece has over 750 natural mineral spas; some of the islands have such healthy natural water whose content is as good, if not better than that of world-renowned spas like Baden-Baden and Vichy.

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Buying Property in Kefalonia

The Greek Island of Kefalonia has a distinctly Italianate feel with its Venetian architecture. One of the most popular tourist destinations, it has caught the eye of  property buyers who appreciate an island large enough to have all facilities and amenities, yet small enough to be away from the larger tourist traps. Demand for second and permanent homes is increasing as Kefalonia property is affordable and the island unspoiled.


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Marina Developments

Marina Developments - Real estate TV programmes constantly hammer home the message that location is key to a successful property venture anywhere in the world, but how do we determine that a location is going to lead to a sound investment? Quest Greek Islands takes a look at one location that is certain to fit the location criteria – buying luxury property by the Greek Island’s yacht marinas developments.

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Ultimate Greek Islands Property Location

paradise beach on mykonosTaking the old estate agents mantra for real estate, then you can rest assured you need to look no further than the island of Mykonos for 'location, location, location'. This is the ultimate choice for property in the Greek Islands. Sugar cube houses in traditional style, rugged rocks with villas and infinity pools perched atop, breathtaking views and sunsets... and for those seeking buy-to-let, tourists  pay handsomely for this exculsive and sophisticated property scene.

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Crete - Greek Island

Most property specialists tip Crete - Greek Island, the largest of them all as offering the best investment potential and rental returns. It has an established resale market with prices rising progressively over the past ten years as well as a stable economy, which has grown at a rapid rate since the Seventies due to its booming agricultural, packing and service industries. Tourism here is at an all time high and restrictions on buildings mean that the island will not become damaged by high rise property restricting the perfect, scenic views. Property prices have shown dramatic capital growth the region of 15% per year since 2000 and they are estimated to be up to 40% lower than those of the UK.

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