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High End Properties in the Greek islands

There are over 221 Greek islands where you will find properties for sale; with a budget of over 200,000 Euros you really have the sky as you limit especially on these major islands from stylish apartments to luxurious villas. We take a look at top end property on the available in the towns on the four most famous islands and give you the opportunity to dream about a life of luxury in the sun.


There is a wide variety of properties in Crete, and for a budget of 200,000 Euros you have the property world at your feet. In the North West part of the island in the town of Kissamos properties are very stylish and for a budget of 200,000 there is lots of choice, in general you could expect  to purchase many houses or villas with three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, sea views and only a 30 minute drive into the main city of Chania. Apartments are just as easy to find in the Kissamos area. There are many available and you will still have change from a fully furnished turn-key, three bedroom apartment with sea views and around 93 sq m of living space including two bathrooms and a swimming pool for 193,000 Euros. The apartments are singularly based.  In the town of Skopi on the eastern side there are many properties, like very large, two storey houses with four to five bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, sea views and terraces overlooking the local village and countryside. The majority of properties like this cost around 199,995 Euros. In the middle part of Crete property is even cheaper still and with such a high budget you can find any property in any of the towns. In the city of Chania you can purchase many newly built houses just ready to move into. The houses are in general two stories high and each floor is around about 140 sq m in size.  In general these types of properties contain barbeque terraces, swimming pools, private parking and a landscaped garden.


Kos is one of the more expensive islands to buy property on; however with a budget in excess of 200,000, Euros you will not find it difficult to find the perfect property.  The majority of apartments that can be found in the town of Kos are priced at around 160,000 Euros for a second floor apartment with a surface area of around 63 sq m. The apartment would include two double bedrooms, an open plan living room and kitchen with new fixtures and fittings, with sea views. Houses in the middle of Kos town, like large villas are available. They generally have two storeys, four bedrooms and cost around 200,000 Euros. Usually the houses are around 170 sq m of living space with a garden and ensuites in each bedroom, sea views, a barbeque terrace, private parking, air conditioning and security systems. In the south of the island in the village of Kefalos apartments which are 90 sq m have layouts, which include two bathrooms, two double bedrooms and an open plan kitchen and living room. All the apartments are fully furnished with everything from beds to a potato peeler at a price of around 175,000 Euros. Houses in the same village are just as luxurious and cost around 220,000 Euros. They come with a swimming pool, air conditioning, central heating, private parking, four bedrooms two with ensuite bathrooms, a lounge and a fitted kitchen all fully furnished ready for you to move straight in.   


Rhodes has a wide range of properties with a wide price range. Situated in the city centre many properties are good value with a price range of 200,000 Euros, which will get you any property you wish. Apartments on the sea front are available with change left over from 200,000 Euros. Two bedroom apartments positioned across the road from the golden beaches in the town of Sefiros, are generally around 60 sq m and are surrounded by local supermarkets, restaurants and bars. They usually come fully equipped with all the high tech gadgets you could wish for. If you are looking for history then the town of Rhodes is perfect. You could walk along the cobbled streets and purchase picturesque property with a living space of around 150 sq m, four bedrooms, one bathroom, a fully furnished living room and kitchen. In the western region of Rhodes property again is very cheap. Brand new apartments built in 2007 in the small town of Rodini are going for 204,000 Euros. The apartments have unique sea views, four bedrooms, a private swimming pool, close to the shops and other amenities. Generally apartments of this standard are in a class of their own! Houses are just as stylish in the town of Lalysos, with detached two bedroom houses costing around 190,000 Euros. The apartments come with two large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, private swimming pools and parking as well as being fully furnished.


Corfu is one of the most popular Greek islands. Property prices are reasonable but by far not the cheapest. With a budget of 200,000 Euros plus there is no reason why you could not find a perfect property to suit all your requirements. In the central region of Corfu in the town of Poulades, there is much to buy for 200,000 Euros. In general most of the houses that are available have two storeys and on the bottom floor there are usually spacious open plan kitchen and living areas all fully furnished. The second floor has two very large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, terraces that over look the stunning town centre. For this budget there is also a beautiful swimming pool. Apartments in the north east of Corfu are also very stylish and you will get a lot for your money. In the town of Pirgi apartments are widely available and you can expect a property with approximately 60 sq m of living space, two bedrooms, an open plan kitchen, dining area and lounge, all fully furnished. The apartments have a swimming pool and stunning sea views from the terraces.