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Properties under 80,000 Euros

There is plenty of choice among the many inhabited Greek Islands to pick up some delightful property for a budget of around 80,000 Euros. Apartments fit into this budget particularly well and most islands have a good selection on offer many with sea views and close proximity to the beach. There is also plenty of renovation property available and some may qualify for government renovation grants, which will cover up to 45% of the costs. Villas are few and far between within this price range, although that is not to say there are none available, you just have to look harder. It’s worth weighing up what the islands have to offer in terms of beautiful scenery, healthy living and a beautiful climate compared to what 80,000 GBP would buy you in the UK. The lovely authentic Greek architectural style and the attractive island locations make property ownership an attractive proposition whether it is for personal use or investment.


There are many properties located on this the largest island, which fit a budget of 80,000 Euros, however the majority are apartments rather than villas or renovation projects. The best buys for your money here lie in the southern part of Crete in places like Aghia Galini, where you can buy a two bedroom villa with a fairly large kitchen, lounge and a small garden. There are plenty of apartments that fit this price bracket. In areas like Lagada, you will get an apartment generally with two bedrooms, two balconies, a large open plan kitchen and living room, shared garden and a shared pool. The apartments would be suitable for many purposes renting, living or just a holiday home as the majority are not far from the beach. In the eastern part of the island in the town of Stalis you will get an apartment with one bedroom, an open plan living room and kitchen, with one bathroom, generally the apartments are found in luxurious blocks not far from the town centre. In the southern region you will get more for your money with larger apartments, double bedrooms, terraces and very spacious lounge and kitchen areas.


Kos is one of the more expensive islands for property; however, there are still some great renovation projects to be had particularly in the small fishing village of Mastichari, which is only a 10 minute drive from the airport. You can still pick up houses in need of renovation for around 30 to 40,000 Euros, but do not underestimate the amount of work involved in renovating such a house. This up and coming village is already home to around 20 expatriate English families and consequently offers plenty of restaurants, bars and shops as well as lovely stretch of beach front.. There are plenty of apartments all over Kos, which are available for 60 to 80, 000 Euros. In the picturesque town of Lambi, apartments are available with two bedrooms, kitchen and a lounge.



Rhodes has a wide range of properties to suit this budget. In the town of Lalysos there are many stylish apartments available 10 minutes from the town centre for around 75,000 Euros. The apartments offer 45 sq m of living space with one bedroom, an open plan living room and kitchen are, double glazing and air conditioning. In the town of Malona in the district Archangelos on the east side of the island, there are variety of houses and villas, many are in need of renovating but with a massive potential to complete an ideal home for around 60,000 Euros, or you could purchases a fully furnished one bedroom house in a terrace, 25 minutes from the town centre for 80,000 Euros. In general to find fully furnished houses just ready for you to move straight into you have to look on the edge of towns in block terraces or for small cottages. In the west side of the island property is cheaper than in the east and you get more for your money. Houses at the top end of this budget can be found with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in the village of Kritinia, three km from the beach. Apartments in the centre of Fanes also represent good value for money with around 75 sq m of living space with two to three bedrooms, a fully fitted kitchen and a lounge and dining room.


Corfu has some very good value property on offer and you get more for your money here than on some of the other islands. The town of Roda has many apartments available for 80,000 Euros. Located ten minutes drive away from the town centre and around two km from the sandy beaches, there are many apartments with three small bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and a medium size lounge. In central Corfu in the town of Pelekas, brand new, luxurious one bedroom apartments are available for just under 80,000 Euros. The apartments are fairly small, with around 40 sq m of living space, air conditioning, a communal swimming pool and private parking. Properties in the north of Corfu are very cheap and you will get a lot more for your money. In the town of Viros, you could purchase a three bedroom house for 80, 000 Euros with two bedrooms located 10 minutes from the town centre and a 15 minute drive from the beach. Gardens are large in Viros and the houses have a strong sense of history.