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Tips on Selling

Are you at the end of your tether because your property won't sell?
Here are a few helpful tips to attract more interest in your property and to attract a sale!

Priced too high

Initially you need to make sure the property is priced at a sensible price. Do your homework and compare others in the area of the same condition. Check out the internet, this will also provide an idea of what is available for the same money. Frequently the internet can be a shock as to what you can buy for your money. Nowadays with the global economic situation as it is there is a lot of competition along with a massive choice for buyers.

Pricing too high is the major cause for lack of interest in buyers. Though it is a hard decision to sell your property at a lower price than what you purchased it for, it is often the only way to sell.

Neat and tidy

Make sure the property is kept in good order throughout, ensuring it is always clean and tidy inside and out.
Consider selling it furnished - potential buyers will find this an attractive package, especially holiday home investors as they will want to use it immediately, and do not initially want the trouble of furnishing it.

Try before you buy...

If the property has been on the market for a long time think about renting the property with the option to buy at the end of a certain length of time - for example, 3 - 6 months. Ensure an agreement is made with the interested clients stating that the house is available to rent, but still continue to market the property.
This will interest those considering relocating and give the buyer a chance to 'Try before They Buy'.

When potential buyers are given the opportunity to make a house their home, it can make a difference and consequently end in a sale for you.

If it doesn't work and has been an inconvenience, at least you will have earned an income from the rental.
Finally, are you happy with your estate agent? Make sure you are using the services of a company who are doing the work for you – marketing your property. If your property has been on the market for a while some lose interest. Do your homework and ask for recommendations for reputable companies.