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Property Investment Facts

Quest Greek Islands has put together a checklist of Property investment facts to consider before you make the commitment of investing in property in Greece or the Greek Islands.

1. Think about the real reason you would like to buy in Greece. Do you want a great sound financial investment or a place you could relax with the family, a place to retire to, or a permanent relocation home?

2. Do as much research about the country and about Property investment facts prior to your journey. The more information you have about your new chosen location the simpler you are going to find it the day you arrive.

3. Prepare yourself to be dissatisfied. It is not often the first place you see you will like. Searching for a property is difficult; some buyers browse about 40 different places before finding what they want.

4. If you're purchasing off-plan, check out the site in order to find out exactly where it is prior to giving over your cash. Never rely on the developers projects.

5. When viewing a property, ask as many questions as you can. Work out a list and take photos to help you remember the property.

6. If possible, take a friend along with you to view the properties. They will bring a different observation who can point out issues you hadn`t noticed.

7. If you're contemplating a renovation property, be realistic. Whatever the builder quotes you in time or money add 50 per cent.

8. Take a look at amenities. How far is the closest airport, hospital, school, shop, beach or restaurant? These things are really important if you`re going to spend a lot of time in the place.

9. If you are buying to let, ensure you can cover any money borrowed in case you`re not able to rent out the house. Do not depend on renting income only.

10. If you`re relocating, be prepared to learn the local language. It will help you to fit in as well as make friends within the local community.

11. Visit the property a number of times, at different times of the day. You need to make certain the Greek Property Investmentisn`t situated close to a noisy bar!

12. Don't put down the deposit on a property without having seen it. You would not do so back at home, so why do overseas?

13. Set up an emergency fund for unexpected repairs and costs.

14. Don`t allow your property to be rented out without arranging suitable insurance to protect it.

15. Check out the localised heath care treatment provision. If there is no mutual health care agreement with your home country then you will need to buy private medical insurance coverage.

16. Avoid solicitors who are recommended by agents or represent the seller. Find a reputable (bi-lingual) independent solicitor.

17. You should always register with the regional British consulate it can be a useful resource.

18. Have a property survey done. A qualified professional who is familiar with local the construction industry procedures and supplies can tell you if you`re going to purchase a good investment or not!

19. Prepare yourself for a culture shock, life will be different. If at all possible, rent long-term prior to making a commitment.

20. Enjoy your new investment. Buying a home overseas can be an astounding and rewarding opportunity.


These Property Investment Facts are a guide to help you when investing in property in Greece this list we have compiled is to make the process as easy as is possible and with the least amount of problems.