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Greece to Sell Royal Palace

Greece to Sell Royal Palace -  is part of the governments plans to sell off a selection of its nation`s unwanted properties. Marketing the Royal Palace, airports, roads and marinas are an attempt to help the country`s failing economy. The Move Channel reported that the historic Royal Tatoi Palace located outside of Athens, which was once home to the Greek royals from 1871, is in need of renovation since it was abandoned when the royals fled the country in 1967.The palace is to be listed on the property market by the Greek government in a bid to clear the country of unneeded assets.

For interested investors with spare cash, this is an opportunity to buy a royal palace that has a combination of Greek and English attraction, a swimming pool, a graveyard and 40 outbuildings.    
The Greek real estate is now one of the most affordable countries in Europe to invest in and, although the future is uncertain within the Euro, it still ranks highly in the more popular countries to buy in along with countries such as Cyprus and Germany.