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Renting in Greece

Renting property in Greece is very popular and it is easy to find cheap, spacious property for rent. If you are planning to stay in Greece for a certain amount of time or you jsu want to get a taste of life in Greece without commiting yourself to buying a property of your own, then renting is a great alternative!





Unlike many other European countries, renting is rather inexoensive in Greece. This is due to many of the Greek people inheriting property from their family members, as well as already owning their own property, this is why many choose to rent out their properties, rather than leaving them empty. It is advised that you should find property to rent through a reputable estate agent, so that you can be sure that everything is legal. Another important factor to remember about renting property in Greece, is the type of property you rent. If you decide to rent an apartment or house from an estate agents, you will pay less than renting property from a holiday rental company, who only appeal to foreigners and the prices are usually much higher.

If you are looking for a long term rental, then you may find that many of them are unfurnished and therefore you will need to furnish the property yourself. Short term rentals are more likely to come already furnished, but if you scan the newspapers and internet, it is possible to find both long term and short term rentals with furniture.

Usually, when you have found the property that you wish to rent, you will have to give a two or three months deposit up front, which will then either be refunded when you leave or you will be given the equivilent rent free months. Prices for a basic one or two bedroom apartment can vary extremely, depending on the area in which you choose to rent and the cost of living in Greece contunues to get more expensive too, but there are still many reasonably priced aprtments to be found.

When you have decided on a place to rent, you will be asked to sign a lease form which explanins all the details to the property, including prices and agreements. Sometimes the rental fee may stay the same for two years before changing, other times, the price may increase by 5-10% after the first year. This will all be explained in your lease, which before signing anything, you should ask to be translated if you don't understand Greek.

Finally, the most important thing you have to remember when searching for property is to think about the area, where do you want to live? How big does the property need to be? And how much is my budget?