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Budget Properties in the Greek islands

If you are looking for a property on the gorgeous Greek islands but only have a small budget, don’t despair! Kos is the island with the most opportunity and selection whereas Corfu is somewhat lacking in budget properties; the majority are in excess of 120,000 Euros. You also need to bear in mind that the cheaper the property, the more work it will need and the Greek Islands are more mature than current boom markets like Eastern Europe. Consequently the ultra cheap farmhouses don’t really exist and it is difficult to find a lot of properties under 60,000 Euros but if you look hard you will find some gems and looking is half the fun. We give an insight into the islands with the cheapest properties.



Many of the low budget properties available on the island of Rhodes are in need of TLC, but there is a wide selection in many of the cities and towns. The town with the widest selection of budget properties is Paradisi, where you could can find one bedroom houses with a bathroom The majority of the properties do need a lot of work to make them a home rather than something reminiscent of a shell but the locations are unique and Paradisi is located just a couple of kilometers away from the island’s airport. Budget properties are fairly small on average around 66.2 sq m of total living space. The town of Fanes also offers some low cost property but these tend to be even smaller than those in Paradisi; a one bedroom and one bathroom house close to the local shops and restaurants has around 38 sq m of living space and will cost around 60,000 Euros.   


In the small town of Lampi located on the east side of the island, there are some low cost apartments available. They are generally small but the styles are extremely modern. Generally for just under 80,000 Euros you can purchase a two bedroom apartment located close to the town’s restaurants and bars. The bedrooms in these apartments are around 20 sq m with a total living space of 70 sq m. In the town of Kefalos on the south coast, there is quite a lot of choice with house available for around 40,000 to 80,000 Euros, but many are in need of attention. The apartments in this area represent excellent value for money and are ready to move into. The reason for the low prices in this town is the fact that it is a 20 minute drive from the coast. Most of the properties in Kefalos come with around 60 sq m of living space and a small garden of around 20 sq m. If you buy a house here it will need renovation but if your budget can stretch that far you could have a beautiful inland home with one bedroom, an open plan living room and a kitchen and bathroom. Apartments in Kefalos are usually on the ground floor obscuring any of the beautiful views to the coastline. At the top end of the budget for close to 80,000 Euros you will get a two bedroom fairly new apartment with air conditioning and a total living space around 75 sq m.


Corfu is one of the more expensive islands for property, but there are some gems to find for those on a low budget, but again the property would need work done to them but they have a huge amount of potential. In the small town of Evropouli on the north east side of the country there are a few bargains and some are actually habitable if you don’t mind roughing it. Such properties have bedrooms of around 34 sq m, a small bathroom and a reasonably large kitchen and living room, the total living space is around 80 sq m. The majority of budget apartments are one bedroom or studio apartments with a bathroom and open plan living / eating area. The blocks they are in look fairly run down from the outside, but inside they are clean and fairly modern needing just a lick of paint and a few accessories to make them feel like home. In central Corfu, there are more budget apartments in older blocks, which are ready to live in. Generally they have two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and living room and are located on the ground to middle floors and cost anything from 60,000 to 80,000 Euros. You can also find a few houses in need of renovation about a 10 minute walk from the town centre. They consist of one bedroom with a bathroom on the top floor and a kitchen and living room with a small dining room on the lower floor houses. The price tag on these gems is just under 80,000 Euros.