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The Right Move

handshakeHow do you know when relocating is the right thing to do? For anyone who is planning to relocate during the New Year, you must be sure that it is something that everyone involved is keen to do. Whether you are moving to or from Greece, make sure that you have considered every aspect of the move before taking the plunge and doing it.

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Moving In or Moving Out?

nomadWhether you are waiting to move in or move out, there are lots of things that you must take care of first. The list of services and jobs that you must sort out first before moving in or out can be quite long and sometimes the stress of moving can out way the good points and the exciting parts. So, how can you cut the stress of moving and look forward to the next part of your life?

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Whilst You're Away, Keep Thieves at Bay

alarm padKeep your home and pets safe while you go away - find an ideal
house sitter free of charge!

Unique new service offers free
house/pet sitting in exchange for a place to stay.

Leaving your home, pets and garden when you go

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Trying Before Buying

Wouldn't it be good if we could try everything before we bought it? Think of the time and money you would save! Well, although that isn't really a realistic possibility, you can try out something's for a lower price before you commit yourself to purchasing the product. We're talking about houses! Moving to Greece is a big move, especially when you are thinking of purchasing a property there too. If you're certain that you want to or can make a life for yourself in Greece, then there is nothing wrong with buying your own home there. But if you are one of those many people who would like to try it out before committing yourself and tying up your money in a Greek property, then why not try renting first?

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Choosing to Rent Out Your Property

For anyone who is thinking of selling their home in Greece to move back home, you may have noticed that now is not a good time to sell property. Due to the financial crisis that has hit many countries worldwide, this has had a domino effect which has affected the property market in Greece and many other countries. If you find that you are desperate to leave Greece and are not happy at the idea of leaving your property free, then you could consider renting it out. Renting is becoming very popular worldwide and is an excellent idea, as you will

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Finding Your Dream Home

Finding a home that is right for you may sound easier than you think but is not always that way. Often you may find that you struggle to compromise on what you want in an ideal property and how much you can afford. The important thing is that you must be able to find a place that you love and can afford and the rest is easy to solve. When looking at property, whether it is houses or apartments, try to have a firm idea of what you want so

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Packing Up and Moving Out!

Moving has often been voted in one of the top five most stressful experiences. The obvious reasons for this are the total upheaval of your life, the uncertainty of the whole venture, and the concerns about moving your possessions from A to B without them being ruined. Once the movers are hired, or you've decided to ship your stuff yourself, it's time to start putting your whole life into paper and boxes for the ride.
One of the first things to consider are the packing materials that you will need. This usually involves lots of newspaper, and boxes pinched from the office back room at work, plus enough cellotape to make you think

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Checking Out Your New Home

signingWhen you come to moving house and searching for a new home in a new neighborhood, how do you know that everything is what it seems? How can you tell if the seller is telling you the truth and when do you know if you're getting a good deal? You should always make sure that neither your estate agent nor the seller is telling you any false information and don't let them lead you in to anything that you are uncertain of, this applies

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Greek Laws on Buying Property in Greece

Thinking of buying a property in Greece? Do you fully understand the process of buying and the Greek laws on buying property in Greece?

When people decide to purchase property in Greece, it is essential to run thorough checks on this property and certainly prior of giving any down payment to the seller.

The future buyer must run the following checks on the property:


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