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Renting in Greece

Renting property in Greece is very popular and it is easy to find cheap, spacious property for rent. If you are planning to stay in Greece for a certain amount of time or you jsu want to get a taste of life in Greece without commiting yourself to buying a property of your own, then renting is a great alternative!




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Selling Your Greek Home

for sale signAs thousands of foreigners begin their new life in Greece, there are also a certain amount of foreigners, who decide to relocate back to their home country or elsewhere. Reasons for leaving Greece may vary, the causes can be anything from financial difficulties to feeling home sick, or you may just want to move with in Greece. Whatever the reason, here are some tips on selling your Greek property.



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World Property Prices and Greek Islands

Knight Frank global property index came out last week with results for the first quarter of this year. In the main most markets are still going down but a small few went against the trend. The traditional destinations, like the Greek Islands, fared reasonably well overall. The worst falls of property prices were in Dubai and Singapore, where prices fell dramatically.

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Investment Proof Greek Islands Property

There is no doubt that those property buyers with cash in hand can not only take advantage of cheaper prices but also incredibly low interest rates to bag a great value-for-money home on the Greek Islands. We take an inside look at what makes an investment-proof home on the isles. Prices are generally holding steady but a fair few number of homes have shown a drop and sellers are being more realistic about what they can achieve. Some foreigners are tentatively dipping a toe back in the property water as they believe prices are bottoming out and it is true to say that there are some good property bargains available right now.

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A Holiday or Second Home on the Greek Islands

There is probably not one of us who has not had the dream of owning a property on the Greek Islands. To wake up in the morning where life is slower, the cost of living cheaper, friendly locals, fantastic weather.... oh, and those wonderful whitewashed houses and views. Greek Island property can offer you all of this and right now putting your money in property, with low prices on offer and a better future return than leaving it in the bank, makes sense.

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Greek Islands Property Under 60,000

Is cheap property on the Greek Islands just a dream? Not at all!  Don't be put off by the photos of infinity pools and huge villas at an unaffordable price tag. For buyers on a lower budget, there is a surprisingly large selection of property in this select location under 60,000 euros: from renovations to ready to move in homes, even with sea views. And for those who would like to buy a Greek property and live on their favourite island, there is a choice of commercial and business opportunities available, so you can earn a living whilst soaking up the sun. Who wouldn't want to buy a slice of paradise at such little cost?

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Greek Islands: Property Market 2009

Where the tourists go, the property buyers follow: and the Greek Islands always leave the tourists wanting more. Stay a bit longer, come back more often or even buy a property and stay for ever. With some 15 million tourists every year and many of these bitten by the idea of having a home on the islands, no wonder the property market is so stable.

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Surprisingly Affordable

Given the cachet and chic, upmarket style of the Greek Islands, it is surprising how affordable property and living there is. Many a would-be property purchaser has dismissed the Greek Islands as a destination, solely on the grounds of believing it is incredibly expensive without even looking. This may be true if your must-have is a 5 bed, 4 bath villa with infinity pool overlooking the sea, together with a private mooring for your yacht. However, for the majority of buyers who are seeking a less luxurious home and associated high-end lifestyle, there are many affordable properties on offer and a fantastic way of living in one of the best locations in the world.

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Timeshare and Fractional Ownership

Many buyers of Greek property are familiar with the term 'timeshare' but a new kid on the block, 'fractional ownership', has appeared in the last year. What actually is the differnence between the two? At first glance they might seem the same thing. In reality, the difference can be as bold as a property which you can will to your heirs and a leased property with a predfined term.

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