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The strength of Luis Bárcenas

In Spain the media loves to report about coming out of or going into prison of a public figure and this happens frequently. We do not know whereabouts of Jaume Matas. Luis Bárcenas, ex-Partido treasurer was recently released. He told PP commissioners that the local HQ of PP had been constructed with donations and he had delivered 8 grand to assist the former Balearics president set in Madrid after losing the 2007 election. Eight grand had come from the B accounts.

The mystery surrounding these B accounts intrigues everyone. We do not know about what PP leaders claim was some type of hoax by Bárcenas,
After his release, Luis found that he was to be freed. Rajoy had supported him. Luis said that PP should not fear. He believed that PP has right govern Spain. When he was leaving prison, the state attorney was pleading to send him back to prison. If he is found guilty, he might be sentenced to 60 years prison.

Blowing up the president
Javier Rodrigo de Santos, former Palma town hall urban planning councilor supported Luis’s disclosure that PP HQ in Palma received donations. Parties in opposition demanded that the video of Barcenas’s allegation be sent to the anti-corruption prosecutors immediately and President Bauzá must inform details to the parliament. The HQ business was at a time when José Ramón had no party post, except as a mayor of Marratxi. There was a tweet directing at the president expressing hope that a bomb would blast in his party and everyone would be killed.
Do not underrate the absurdity of people using social media. The president was thinking about mobilization of the troops ahead of the election. Right-hand man “Nipper” Gómez has been made responsible for co-ordinating a campaign for re-election. Meanwhile, PP mayors demonstrated the apparent disaffection at the ceremony for the Palma City Prizes. The majority of mayors gave a resounding ovation to Mateo Isern.