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Greece Attractive to Older Tourists

Tourism in Greece by senior citizens, particularly those over 55, has become an important part of the industry, with data showing that by 2030 it could be 24 percent of the total market in the sector.


In a relevant study carried out by the Research Institute for Tourism, it has been shown that older people are less interested in holidays that include swimming and sunbathing and more in cultural activities.

Those who travel more often for cultural purposes are Austrians (26 percent), Dutch (22 percent), Belgians (22 percent) and Germans (21 percent.) The study found that people above 55 travels more than the other age groups for cultural and religious purposes (18 percent, compared to 11-13 percent for the other age groups).

The institute’s study also emphasizes that the tourism for winter period has to be primarily developed at seaside urban centres which offer a variety of cultural sites and events and, therefore, they can keep undiminished the interest of the older people if they choose to spend the winter there.

It also found that 34.6 percent of Greek hostels are willing to offer special packages during low demand periods. Finally, according to a GPO research, Greece has one more comparative advantage in its effort to attract more third age tourists. Greek cuisine, the variety of choices and the friendly service that the hotel employees offer around the country are surely on the top of the list for the elderly who increasingly want a more healthy diet while traveling.