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Tourism Expected to Boom

Tourism in Greece is expected to boom this year back to figures before the recession. After a turbulent period the country seems to have returned to a state of calm and stability, which now is pinning its hopes on its Tourism industry to generate income back into the country's weakening economy.

Tourism is Greece's principal cash earner and accounts for 17% of the country's economy. The tourism industry in Greece employs 1 in 5 of the population, an immense support to conquer the recent years rising unemployment levels from the crisis.

Main tourism businesses including Hoteliers and restaruant owners are cutting prices to encourage more foreign tourists to visit.

Nearly half of Greece's hotels are now listed under the 4* and 5* ratings which offer better services and bring more positive feedback from visitors and return trips.

Tourism is a big earner for Greece and in a bid to improve its financial situation, the lure of the sun drenched beaches and crystal blue sea in addition to the historical and ancient monuments are luring travellers back to this beautiful holiday destination.
Greece has been a long time favourite destination with British and Germans, and now has an increase in interest from Russians and Eastern European tourists.
So far this year the summer bookings are optimistic with an increase of 15% from Germany and 20% from the U.K.