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Introducing a Top Book Critic!

Have you ever thought of pursuing a career in writing? There are many aspects of writing and it doesn't necessarily mean sitting down and writing a book. There is freelance work, where you can write and work wherever you are and can work as and when you like. There is also journalism, magazine editing, proofreading, script writing, travel writing and more!

The only problem is with writing is that you do need something to write about and some experience somewhere along the line. Starting a career in writing means that you may be flexible with your working hours and take your work with you wherever you go, as all you need is a little inspiration and a laptop.

Due to the popularity of the computer and internet and other high tech gadgets that people use today, less people in the world choose to write in proper English and prefer to use the modern slang that the modern world and internet has created. This has become especially noticeable in schools, where the level of English and literacy rate has dropped significantly and more children are leaving school unable to read or write at a suitable level for their age group. But even so, that doesn't have to stop people from putting their story in to words. Although not everyone is as they say ‘good with the words', there are many people worldwide who have the story in their head and just need a skilled writer to put it in to words. Or, perhaps you have given writing a go yourself and need a good proof reader or critic to check through it and edit it? This is where a professional proof reader or critic comes in handy, as they will be able to look at your work and give you professional advice on how to improve it.

Lauren-Sophie is a professional proof reader and book critic who has worked with the top teen magazines of the USA. Not only has she reviewed books and manuscripts before being made in to hit films, but she has also interviewed the daughter of Arnold Shwartznegger. Katherine Shwartznegger is a famous up and coming writer, not only because of her famous father but because of her very successful book aimed at teenagers called ‘Rock What You've Got!' Lauren-Sophie offers professional online consultations with all types of writers and will help edit your piece of work so that it is at a professional level. If you would like more information on writing, consultations or would like to know more about her rates, then please contact us for more details on how to contact Lauren-Sophie.