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Take A Course With CTP!

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest articles on Quest Greek Islands, then you may have noticed our new advertisers ‘CTP'. CTP offer translation courses in a number of different language pairs and unlike other translation courses that you will find, CTP offer a course and test that can be done entirely online, so there is no need to worry where you are in the world - all you need is a computer with internet access. To test  the services and course that CTP offer, Quest Greek Islands have decided to complete the course and give a detailed review on the course.

There are many reasons why you may be unable to attend a normal college or university to complete a course in translation however; it is not difficult for almost any of us to learn online when all we have to do is sit at our computer. If you are living in Greece, then you may want to take advantage of the fact that you can take this course online, without having to worry about finding a course in your area. Greek-English is a language pair that is offered by CTP, so you will be able to study towards taking an exam in this language pair. When it comes to sitting the exam, you will be tested by translating a piece of text from Greek to English and also English to Greek. After completing the CTP translation course, you will be issued a certificate if you pass your exam. You must get at least an 80% pass rate to gain a certificate in translation. The CTP certificate is recognised as one of the more famous certificates that can be obtained online and shows to future employees that you can not only speak both languages in your language pair (for e.g. English and Greek) but you can also translate text efficiently in to each language and obtain the skills of a professional translator.

The entire course is done online. This applies to the moment that you sign up to the course and pay until the day when you can finally take your exam. After registering for the course, you will be given log in details so that you will be able to access added benefits that are included on the site, these are: a directory of over 1000 translation agencies (who you will be able to contact for potential work), a huge library of video tutorials about the translation industry and how to succeed in it, audio clips, audio interviews from other translators and professionals and more. There is a huge library of information that can be found alone on the CTP site and it is important to listen, watch, read and study this information so that you will have a good chance of passing the exam.

When you think you are ready to take your exam, you must contact the CTP team and give them at least three weeks' notice before you take the exam. You will get the chance to take the exam in either the spring, summer, autumn or winter, as there is a date in each season when you will have the opportunity to take the exam.

Quest Greek Islands will keep you up to date with how we are getting on with the course. If you are interested in taking a course with CTP, please check out their site