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Happy Easter!!

Easter is fast approaching in Greece. Greece is a country who celebrates Easter according to the Orthodox belief. For those of you who are living in Greece, you may have noticed that the date of Easter in Greece doesn't always fall on the same day. Easter does in your home country. This is because the dates for Easter under the Christian, Catholic and Orthodox religion are all different.

Although Easter in a religious celebration celebrating the re-birth of Christ, it is a mystery to many of us as to why this religious event is celebrated on three different days according to your religion.

However, this year is a very unusual year as it is one of the rare years in the calendar and in history where Easter will be celebrated on the same date by all Orthodox, Catholic and Christian beliefs! Easter 2011 will be on April 24th and Easter Monday will then follow on April 25th.

So, as you prepare for Easter in Greece, so will everyone else who celebrate other beliefs too! Easter 2011 will be a year remembered in history for being a year where there will be just one Easter for all three of these religions!

Happy Easter to all!